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Flag Football Rule Changes 2017-2018

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Campus Recreation

on 5 September 2017

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Transcript of Flag Football Rule Changes 2017-2018

Flag Football Rule Changes 2017-2018
by: Michael Thomas
Changes to this year's Rules Book
Definition of
for clarification
Illegally conserving or consuming time and L2M
Direct snap distance has changed
2 yards when "first touched"
Changes cont.
Defensive Pass Interference -
face guarding
allowed. Must be contact for DPI
Flag guarding -
contact required
to be flag guarding
Punt Rule (declaring punt)
Co-Rec Rule Changes
Mechanic Changes
Mechanic Changes cont.
Punts, Reverse Goal Line
BJ: 3 yards behind, 10 yards wide of deepest receiver
FJ: 5 yards ahead of deepest receiver
Reverse Goal Line
Utilize reverse goal line mechanics when the ball is snapped on or below the 10 yard line
No more beanbag - a male runner may run through the LOS IF there was a legal forward pass
Change to "Illegal Male Advancement" as a result. A male to male completion on a closed play is now called
"Illegal Male Reception"

5 yards from previous spot
loss of down
"roll it out" mechanic
Penalty enforcement
Prior to communicating the foul, the calling official should report to the R the result of the play
The calling official should not give a prelim for delay of game, false start, or encroachment
Positioning and keys:
R: players in backfield (QB)
LJ: snapper and blockers in immediate vicinity
BJ: 20 yards deep, all WRs on LJ side of field
FJ: WRs on his/her side
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