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Morgan Morris

No description

Katrina Dye

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Morgan Morris

Lakeside 2050 The Virtual Classroom
A Glimpse into the Future
By Morgan Morris

The Solution
Q: What five adjectives would best describe your project?

A: New, Bold, Useful,

Q: What makes your design innovative?

A: the new 3-D technology is used for make history science fun and interesting again.

Q: What was the inspiration for you design?

A: 3-D has interested me since i was a little kid and i watched my uncle play a vitriol video game and i saw the way it looked real.

This is the drawing of my 3-D model
I think that the classrooms in 2015 need to have the virtual reality of 3D, because most people have trouble paying attention in class or they think it is boring, or that most people can’t see the bored
The Problem
I think that Lakeside classrooms in 2050 should have a new approach the classrooms with a new and bold idea where the classrooms are 3D or virtual. This classroom that be used by an class, the sounded screens are all over the room, they screens are built into the wall. So anyone in the class can see what is going on. You can take the "boring" stuff and make it interesting, with the 3-D virtual realty you fell like you are really there with what ever is happening.this room will bring the to life no more boring class time spend wasted by sitting watching the clock.
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