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Representation of Teenagers

No description

ed bradbury

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Representation of Teenagers

TEENAGERS HOW THE MEDIA REPRESENTS THE TEENS OF TODAY Teenagers aspire to be in a goodlooking, successfull band. SOCIAL NETWORKING PROJECT X Project X, the dream party for most teenagers.
Booze, drugs, violence and half naked girls.
In project X teenagers reinforce the stereotypes represented in the media.

Although a majority of teenagers could only dream of a party of this magnitude not all teens are the same.

In the film, the teens are reckless, immature, rowdy and looking for the sexy female of their dreams.

stereotypically teenagers are known for their underage sex, drinking and drug taking, this film reinforces what the older members of the public think. Teenagers are stereotyped to want to be in a successful, good looking, rich band. Teenagers are seen as idolising these pop stars by dressing and acting the same as their 'idols'.

Although this may be a good thing as it show aspiration but many teenager think that they can be successful without any effort or work. Also teenagers are so easily influenced by celebrities that they can follow negative behaviour including drug abuse. Although many adults have become trapped by the social networking trend, millions of teenagers use social networking to talk to
friends and family. Although
lots of abuse and bullying start
on sites like facebook.
Teenagers can easily be abused
by their peers and stalkers can
easily track and look at young teenagers.

Many teenagers are easily manipulated by other teens, and inappropriate pictures and conversations. Many teenagers have been exposed and horrific stories such as rape and suicide have come about.
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