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Social Classes in Ancient Israel

No description

Group 7 Theology Project

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Social Classes in Ancient Israel

Social Classes
in Ancient Palestine by Olivia Bin, There was no middle
class: only upper
and lower classes. There were very few rich
people and most members
of society were part of the
poor working class. Slavery did exist, but it
was not common because
most Jews could not afford
slaves. In ancient Palestine, hard
work earned you great
respect, if little money. Social outcasts such as the
very poor, the sick, women,
and the "dirty" were looked down upon and excluded from religious life. Katie Decker, & Colette Toal The lower classes clothed themselves in dyed woolen fabric or linen made from flax. The daily life of a woman in ancient Palestine consisted of manufacturing clothing and managing the household.
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