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Immigration- Independent Study Project

Independent study visual aid 2010 By Natalie Tedesco

Natalie Tedesco

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Immigration- Independent Study Project

Immigration To America:
The Big Picture By Natalie Tedesco What is Immigration? Why do people oppose immigration? Immigration is the process of leaving
a certain place and migrating to another. People immigrate for many
different reasons. Immigration is controversial because busieness and humanitarian intrests clash and cause tension between different groups. Many people believe that illegal immigrants are causing much of the government's money to be spent on law enforcement. What are reasons for supporting immigration? Others believe that policies created non-democratically
outside of the U.S. are effecting our immigration
policies. America was founded by immigrants. Immigrants created America and have since made it thrive. The United States has been a kind of "safe-haven" for many immigrants under tyrannical or colonial rule, outcast by their home country, not allowed certain freedoms, or living in a place where there was war. That should not change now. Immigrants make up a large percent of population growth in America. In conclusion Immigration is controversial because of the clash of business and humanitarian intrests. There are many different opinions about immigration and
many facts to support both sides of the argument. Immigration is vital to our diversity as the entire human race. Without immigration, The world would have no difference between each race.
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