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Year 6MJ's Class Assembly

No description


on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of Year 6MJ's Class Assembly

Welcome to Year 6MJ's Class Assembly!

In Year 6, we have been doing lots of work and everyone has been working very hard!
Topic - Pole to Pole
The Arctic and Antarctic are both very fascinating in many different ways. In topic, we have been learning about one explorer in particular: Ernest Shackleton.
Who was Ernest Shackleton?
If you do not know already, Ernest Shackleton was a Polar Explorer whose nickname became 'The Boss' after he managed to keep 28 men alive for 2 years in the desolate cold of the South Pole.
We've done lots of work about the two poles in our class but we've also done some with Mrs Johnston including English work, research and even a dance (which we performed in front of our parents)!

Year 6MJ's Class Assembly!
Did you know that Antarctica is actually considered to be a desert, even though it's MADE of water?
This is just one of
the facts we've
We have also done biographies about Ernest Shackleton along with reports on his rival (Robert Falcon Scott)'s race to the South.
There were also tragic parts of the explorers' adventures...
Captain Oates was a crew
member on Cpt. Scott's expedition and got out of the tent for a while.
"I am going outside for a moment, I may be a while."
Captain Oates:
and he never
He was knighted by the king, Edward VII, for his amazing leadership qualities and survival skills.
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