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VADA Presentation

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Jaclyn Barnes

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of VADA Presentation

What is Gateway Children's Fund?
Gateway Children's Fund founded by Rick Paynter
Run by Gateway Family Church
Child focused, church affiliated and Christ-centered
What is VADA Cafe?
Founded by Rick Paynter
Run by Gateway Family Church
Concerned with issues of poverty, justice and fair trade
VADA Cafe Stakeholders
Gateway Family Church
Additional staff
Church attendees
VADA's staff & customer

Frankston City
Local businesses
Frankston Library
Customer Analysis
Business people
Regular customers
Few walk-ins - mainly through word of mouth
Most publics are unaware that VADA is non-for-profit
Customer feedback: need to be more active on social media pages
Environmental Analysis
Located on busy highway
Not on the 'ant-trail'
Similar competitors in area
Limited parking
Only known to locals resulting in lack of new business
Point of difference:
charity work
Survey Findings
Partnership with Global Development Group
Charity focused
Positive reputation
Socially aware of poverty problem in PNG
Affiliation with GCF
Social media
Small communication team
Not a well-known charity organisation...yet!
Message sent to target public isn't clear
Goals & Objectives
Promoting-long term relationships
Raise awareness
Change attitudes
Increase word-of-mouth objectives
Improve social media
Raise $50,000
Do you know the purpose or the goal of the Vada café and the Gateway Family Church?

Do you know where the profit goes, or who will benefit from it?

Social Media
Friends & Family
Recognise its social platform
Have dined in the cafe
Have visited the church
Other than consuming the products provided in the café, will you donate more money to support the charity?

All of them would like to donate $5 or below.

Do you know if there is any fundraising event nearby in the surrounding suburbs?
Will you pay a visit or have a coffee in Vada café in the near future if the café is associated with charity?

Internal Pitch: VADA Cafe
We have created a number of creative and enticing tactics that ensure that objectives are fulfilled but simultaneously engage target publics
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