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2b Placement


karen woolley

on 26 October 2017

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Transcript of 2b Placement

For this experience you will work independently or with peers from across the subject specialism areas and in conjunction with the Curriculum Leader and ITT co-ordinator to deliver an enrichment project (which should cover as many phases/classes as is practicable) to enhance the curriculum for the benefit of the school and its pupils.

Objectives for the Placement.
• Objectives for SE2b

2b will enable you to:

• Engage in an Enrichment Project to develop, consolidate and extend your leadership skills and knowledge

• Write an Impact Story to demonstrate your engagement with the Enrichment Project.

• Observe a variety of high quality teaching from different staff focused on your Enrichment Project.

• Teach 3 sessions relating to your subject specialism.

• Understand the balance, scope and structure of the primary school curriculum with a focus on your specialism. (TS3)

• Confidently apply subject and pedagogical knowledge, particularly regarding curriculum areas specific to your Enrichment Project. (TS3)

• Respond professionally to guidance, advice, target setting and accountability in order to demonstrate competence against the Teachers’ Standards. (TS8 and Part Two)

Impact Story

The template for the impact story requests these questions are answered in detail with evidence.
(This is uploaded to Nile)

It will be a narrative account which can include images and feedback from those within the school.

What did you do?
Why did you do it?
What was the Impact?
How did your actions link to the Teachers' Standards?

This should be a celebration of your project.

Communication with the ITT Coordinator is vitally important throughout the placement to ensure you express your ideas and listen to their suggestions. The enrichment project has got to meet the needs of the school as well as develop your leadership skills.

When the information comes out about the schools and other students you are with please contact them as a matter of urgency to share your thoughts and ideas and arrangements.
2b Placement Guidance
These enrichment projects will be run differently to suit the needs of the placement school. It could be for individual classes, year groups different key stages or whole school.

Water Fair Trade Healthy Eating
You will be discussing potential enrichment project ideas with your subject specialism tutors in the following session.
If you are in schools with a partner/group it is extremely important to meet up with them before placement starts and share ideas that will incorporate both your strengths, how will you organise roles and responsibilities? It may be that you contact the school before the placement to discuss initial ideas.
ITT Coordinator's Reflection

: Please complete a brief summary on the trainee’s impact towards the completion of this enrichment project.

Bethany has clearly enjoyed leading on the topic of the Olympics, focusing on Upper KS2 and the History element of this project. This enjoyment has been reflected in the lessons she has planned for and the excellent delivery of these sessions for all the children she has taught. She has carefully referred to the action plan, and ensured that all key learning objectives have been met, ensuring progress for all. Bethany worked very effectively with her peers but also all staff throughout the school ensuring that she met the needs of the children.

It would be worthwhile highlighting this element of the enrichment project to the ITT coordinator at the beginning of the project, this reflection could be emailed to you so that you can add it to your impact story.
Things to organise and do before you go into placement:

1) You will need an Enrichment Project Folder with dividers set up in order to organise your project, directed tasks and Part 2 evidence.
2) You will need to exchange contact details with your placement partner/s and meet up before you go into placement, take that time to have discussions about the themed activities you feel you could run between you so you have suggestions at the ready.
3) Absence: Ensure that you are clear about the absence from school procedure (
Page 2, 2b booklet
for this placement: Professionalism, Communication, Positivity, Resourcefulness, Pro activity, Organisation, Time Management.


You will go to your specialism groups and discuss ideas related to your specialism that will also link to project topics across the school.

If you are going into a special school you will have an hour session following the specialism session with Helen Caldwell She will guide you through the expectations for this placement as they are slightly different.
When you do not have PPA time or are not planning or delivering your project, you will be expected to
support the learning
of the pupils across the school under the direction of the ITT coordinator and the Head Teacher. This may entail aspects such as supporting class teachers through teaching small groups, leading guided readings sessions or helping develop resources.
Your Enrichment Project Folder

You will each compile an Enrichment Project Folder to support your writing of your Impact Story.

The evidence within this folder will include your Enrichment project
action plan
, which will be a working document and highlight your objectives and progress towards these.

The folder may also include minutes of meetings, resources, feedback from children, staff and parents.

Annotated evidence for Part 2 should also be filled in here, as too should your directed tasks (
Pages 7 and 8
, 2b booklet)
Moderating Tutors

A sample of trainees will be visited during either week 2 or week 3.

All other schools will receive a call at the end of week 1/2 to discuss progress towards the completion of the Enrichment Project.

This padlet link is on Nile
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