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Chapter 16- To kill a mockingbird

No description

Daniel Kim

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 16- To kill a mockingbird

To kill a Mockingbird
Quotations Chapter 16 Quotation 1 Chapter 16 Quotations "So it took an eight year old child to bring them to their senses, didn't it?" This quote characterizes the citizens of Maycomb.
Although they are sometimes changed by anger and
intolerance, Scout can see through their anger to see
the person behind the mask of hatred. Scouts innocence keeps her from catching the disease of
racism. They don't belong anywhere. Colored folks won't have 'em because they're half white; white folks won't have 'em 'cause they're colored, so they're just in betweens, don't belong anywhere. Theme: We think this quote has the theme of racial intolerance, as it shows that even black people, who were against racism wouldn't accept half-blacks. This shows how much hatred they have for each person, where even if there are some black people mixed in, white people will not accept them. Theme-Innocence Why- Children are innocent. Scout's innocence reminded Mr. Cunningham that he was a human and they were all friends. Adults are sometimes seized by anger and prejudice. It takes a child to remind them of who they are. Plot- Scout reminded Mr.
Cunningham that Atticus was
his friend. Scout helped Walter
and it payed off. After Scout
had Mr. Cunningham step into
Atticus' skin, Mr. Cunningham
changed his opinion and attitude
and he voted that Tom was
innocent. Setting- In a time of prejudice and hate, Scout was able to dismiss the topic of racism and hatred in order to become friendly and neighborly to people that had been corrupted by hatred. Because she is innocent, she was not influenced by the topic of racism. Now don’t you be so confident, Mr. Jem, I ain’t ever seen any jury decide in favor of a colored man over a white man. "They were gonna have a huge weddin', but they didn't-after the rehearsal the bride went upstairs and blew her head off." Plot- Describes the situation going on at that time, when atticus is a white man defending a black man and there is strong racial intolerance going on in the town. Characterization- This characterizes the thought of many people in the town, how their customs and traditional thoughts about people are passed down Setting- This sets the setting of the overall mood of maycomb, the racist intolerating town that scout try to break the chain in. Theme- This shows injustice, on how the reverend knows that no matter how good atticus presents his defense, he will, of course, lose Plot- this shows foreshadowing, as the jury's decision can be predicted using many unjust quotes like this. Characterization- This characterizes Atticus' and his will to continue with the court order even if he knows he will lose. Setting- This shows the setting of how everybody in the town already knows that Atticus has no chance. Theme- This is another great quote describing racial intolerance, as the fiancee didn't like her 'husband's Black girls so much, she killed herself. Setting- This quote sets the town's atmosphere and describes in-depth how much hatred the townspeople feel. Characterization- This also characterizes the white population in the town, how they don't have any tolerance. Plot- This shows what the white people think of black people in general, and can predict their reaction to Atticus at the court trial.
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