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Maternity Care in Finland

No description

Andriana Perrachon

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Maternity Care in Finland

Pregnant women in Finland receive prenatal care at a maternity clinic located in their municipality
First appointment must be made between 8 and 12 weeks
First visit is conducted by a physician
Most of the visits are conducted by a public health nurse
Once a month visits until week 30, then every two weeks
One free ultrasound exam
Birth usually takes place in local hospital, women have very little choice in which hospital they give birth
Nurse conducts one postpartum home visit, after that care for baby is done in a child care clinic
Prenatal services in maternity clinics are free of charge
Hospitals charge for the days spent in the hospital but not for individual procedures done. Overview Pregnant women in Finland who are covered under social security system are eligible for a maternity grant or a maternity package.
The maternity grant is 140euros ($200)
The maternity package contains baby clothes, cloth diapers, and other necessities.
If a mom is expecting twins she is eligible for one maternity grant/care package for the first baby and two for the second baby. Three packages or 420euros
Women who do not begin prenatal care by the end of the fourth month may lose their benefit.
240 euros (buy package if not Finnish) Maternity Grants Kätilöt Suomessa Nursing and midwifery education are integrated, schooling is about 4.5 years.
Normal hospital births remain in the hands of midwives
Data from 2006 shows that midwives attend 74% of the births in Finland and physicians attend 26%.
Most prenatal care is done by public health nurses, not midwives. These nurses will not be involved in intrapartum care.
Finnish healthcare system does not support homebirth
In 2000, 0.1% of women had homebirths in Finland
"No other option besides hospital birth. There were 10 homebirths in the year 2000, some by accident, some by special request from the parents with a private midwife Numbers Infant mortality rate is 2.3 to 3.6 out of 1000 (US is 6)
Maternal mortality rate is 5 out of 100,000 live births (US is 21)
Breastfeeding rate at birth: 99%
Breastfeeding rate at 6 months: 60%
C-section rate is 16.3%
About 4,000 registered midwives in Finland. 1.63 midwives per 1000 fertile women. There are 25 male midwives.
Income: 26,000euros THE END! With a child comes bread to the house Maternity Care in Finland
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