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Teaching Strategies

5 strategies for keeping a class on task, focused, and engaged.

Lauren Ross

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Teaching Strategies

Strategies That Make a Difference Glogs Foldables Whisper Phones Virtual Tours An entertaining yet effective way to help students learn and remember information. Foldables can cross over
into any subject area. Math Science Vocabulary Spelling It's a tool that keeps
on giving!!! As our world becomes more and more technology-driven, it is the school’s responsibility to expose students to the wonders and uses of many different forms of technology. A throng of information One, central location No more wasted time searching online Advantages They are also an effective study aid. Take projects to the next and more technology-savvy level by allowing students to submit their work in the form of a Glog. Students are learning how to present information in a creative and flowing manner. This skill will continue to benefit them as they progress into higher education and the adult, working world. Allows students to hear what they are saying and how they are saying it without disrupting the entire class. Made from a 6 in piece of PVC pipe and two "elbow fittings". Great for ELL students and auditory learners. Field trips are all the rage in elementary schools, but due to location budget time many scools are cutting field trips out of the curriculum. Virtual tours bring field trips inside the classroom and expose students to a wide array of experiences. From underwater excursions and space exploration to the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Wall of China, virtual tours can open up a world to students that they may never have known existed. "Give Me Five" CAUTION: Don't get stuck using virtual tours only to present information. Classroom management tool. Great to use when students are getting too loud or unfocused. Give Me Five Stop what you are doing Eyes on teacher Mouth quiet Hands free Get ready to listen
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