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How To Write An Expository & Persuasive Essay

This will teach you how to write an expository & persuasive essay in the correct format and have necessary components.

Vincent D'Antonio

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of How To Write An Expository & Persuasive Essay

how to write an expository essay What is the goal of this essay?? The writers' goal is to identify/expose the truth of the quote or the task. What is the structure of this essay?? the structure of an expository is a 4 paragraph essay that exposes the truth of the task. How mamy paragraphs?? an expository essay should include 4 paragraphs. What should each paragraph include?? The folowing should be include in each paragraph:

PARAGRAPH ONE:Explain what the quote means to YOU! There is no right or wrong. What is the message?? PARAGRAPH TWO: Connect the quote to another text (book, film, song, poem, etc.). What have you seen or heard in media that echoes this quote?? PARAGRAPH THREE: Connect the quote to society or something of historical significance or to something that is current in the world today. How does this quote apply to the world?? PARAGRAPH FOUR:Relate the quote to your own life and explain what it means to you on a personal level. How might this type of writing help students beyond high school?? This type of writing will help studens beyond high school because sudents can write an expository essay and explain or expose the truth about something. For example, someone that has a problem talking could go to court and the only way to talk or say his side of the story could be writing an expository essay. What kind of scoring rubric is used to evaluate the writing? What score is needed to pass? Open-Ended Question Scoring Rubric

4.) Clearly demonstrates an understanding of the task, completes all requirements, and provides
an insightful explanation or opinion of the text, or extends aspects of the text. 3 Demonstrates an understanding of the task, completes all requirements, and provides some
explanation or opinion using situations or ideas from the text as support. 2 May address all of the requirements, but demonstrates only a partial understanding of
the task and uses text incorrectly or with limited success resulting in an inconsistent or
flawed explanation. 1 Demonstrates minimal understanding of the task, does not complete all requirements, and
provides only a vague reference to, or no use of, the text. 0 Is completely irrelevant or off-topic. Persuasive Writing Essay the goal of a persuasive is to persuade the reader to think that your side of the story or arguement is the right one. What is the goal?? Whats is the structure?? The structure of a persuasive essay is a four paragraph essay that makes the reader do something or make them believe you're right. How many paragraphs?? A persuasive essay has 4 paragraphs. What is inclued in each paragraph??

Complete your first paragraph. Your first paragraph should have a thesis statement that tells what the topic of your essay is. Your position on the topic should also be clearly written as well as the three reasons you picked from your brainstorming exercise. Don't explain your reasons; that will come later in the paper.
Use paragraphs two, three, and four to explain your three reasons. Remember, you are writing to convince. Personal experiences and details do wonders to demonstrate your point of view. For example, you could say, "So-and-so went for a job interview wearing tight low cut jeans and a short shirt that showed her pierced belly button. She was stared at throughout the entire interview and when she walked out, she knew that she didn't stand a chance for the job. Too bad she wasn't taught how to dress professionally in school".

Use your last paragraph to restate your thesis statement and your reasons, but you don't want to sound like you are restating yourself. Change the words. Finish your paragraph with a great closing line: "Now that you know the facts, don't dress codes sound like a great idea?" The key is to be creative, don't repeat yourself, and write to convince and you can write a knockout paper. How may this help students out of high school?? they can help students persuade others to join their side of the arguement. What kind of scoring rubric is used to evaluate the writing? Content and Organization Opening and closing
Single, distinct focus
Unified and coherent
Well- developed
Logical progression of ideas
Fluent, cohesive
Compositional risks successful
Details effective, vivid, explicit, and/ or pertinent Usage Very few, if any, errors Precision and/or 0sophistication
Very few, if any, errors
Sentence Construction Mechanics Very few, if any, errors
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