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Lizzie Borden

No description

Sadie Jane

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden
Facts About Lizzie And Her Family:
~She was born on July 19th, 1860 in Fall River, Massachusetts.
~Shortly after Lizzie’s birth, her mother, Sarah Borden died. Three years after the death of Sarah, her father, Andrew Borden, remarried to Abby Durphy Gray.
~She had a sister named Emma Borden.
~Andrew Borden was very successful in the manufacturing industry and was able to make enough to support his wife and his two daughters.
~ Lizzie and her sister lived with their father into adulthood.
The Borden sisters and their stepmother were not very close. In fact, they addressed her as “Mrs. Borden”. They feared that Abby Borden was after their father’s money.
~ I am actually related to her on my dad’s side of the family. My great grandmother married a Borden.

Facts About The Murder Trial:
~On the morning of August 4, 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were found murdered in their home in Fall River.
~Lizzie told a maid that she had found her father’s dead body.
~Her father had been murdered while sleeping on the sofa, and her mother was found dead in the upstairs bedroom.
~Both Andrew and Abby had been brutally hacked by a hatchet.
~Emma Borden was out of town and was not a suspect. Her sister, however, was a prime suspect.
~Sometime within the week between the murders and her arrest, she burned a dress she claimed was stained with paint. Later on, the prosecutors accused her of burning it because it was covered in blood.
~On December 2nd, 1892, Lizzie was indicted. On June 20th, 1893, she was found not guilty by a panel of jurors.
~It is believed that it took 19 blows to kill Abby, and 10-11 to kill Andrew, despite the famous nursery rhyme saying that she gave her mother 40 whacks, and her father 41.
~Despite all the odds against Lizzie, there is literally no forensic evidence that she did it.
~Lizzie isn’t the only one who might want to see Andrew Borden dead. He was the wealthiest, and most hated man in Fall River.
Detective's Case Report

She burned a blue dress sometime in the week between the murders and her arrest. She was wearing a blue dress the day of the murder.
She burnt the dress because it has something on it that she didn’t want the police to see. Maybe blood?
They were murdered with a hatchet.
The Murder was angry with the victims. They could’ve poisoned him, but they wanted to see them in pain.
Andrew Borden was the wealthiest man in Fall River.
Many people despise those who are more successful than them. Possible motive?
Lizzie particularly disliked Abby Borden, and feared she was after her father’s money.
If Abby was after the money, she could’ve killed Andrew, then Lizzie found out, and Lizzie killed Abby.
Many people wanted to see Andrew dead because of his success.
If he was so successful, a rival in his industry might of killed him to become the top manufacturer.
Emma Borden was out of town.
She could not have killed her parents.
There is no forensic evidence.
It is very difficult to tell who actually did it.
Andrew and Lizzie’s relationship went sour after he remarried.
If they didn’t get along, they could’ve had a fight and she killed him in anger.
Lizzie was present at the time and location of the murder.
She could have killed her parents.
Her father was very stingy with money and wouldn’t install basic things like indoor plumbing to benefit his family.
This would lead Lizzie to be angry, and she could have murdered him because of that.

My Conclusion
I feel like Lizzie committed the murders (I hope that she doesn’t treat me like family for saying that!!!). Even without the forensic evidence, all signs point to her. She burned a blue dress (The color dress she was wearing on the day of the murder), and said it was stained with paint. Also, her father was stingy with money. Despite all his wealth, the house they lived in lacked simple things like indoor plumbing. His famous tightfistedness was present in his family life, which lead to a sour relationship between Lizzie and her father. Even with all this against her, there is still no REAL evidence against her, other than that she was present at the house at the time of the murder. In summary, I believe she committed the murders because of her bitter hatred for Abby, and killed Andrew so he wouldn’t hate her for murdering Abby. But still, we will never know if she took a hatchet and hacked her parents to pieces that hot August day.
Abby Borden, wanting Andrew’s money, kills him. Lizzie finds out, and, in anger, kills Abby.

The Famed Murderess
(Left) Lizzie Borden, circa 1889
(Right) Andrew Borden's Body
(Below) Abby Borden's Body
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