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History Luis Santiago

No description

Ginna Marcela Sabogal Pinzon

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of History Luis Santiago

At scanty hours of which Pelayo was doing the so called theatrical one of in order that his son was returned, and when the repudiation for the kidnapping was growing in Chía, an informant contacted the investigators of the Gaula and the Sijín. For this moment, last Friday, the reward had risen to 20 million weight.

Till then two tracks were following on the disappearance of the child of 11 eleven months, a temporary employee victimizes against Ivonne, the mom, and a kidnapping extorsivo, since the father had received a lending of 8 million weight.

The version of the informant, with precedents of traffic of narcotics, is that Pelayo said to him 4 months ago: " Godfather, do you measure up him to taking a child to him? ", according to report known in THE TIME.

In the first occasion, said the informant, Pelayo offered him 300 thousand weight. Then he spoke to him about 200 thousand more and there was the third offer, 11 days ago. The man thought that after the case there was a problem of custody
Three days before the kidnapping, Pelayo, Martha Garzón and the second man, Orlando Ovalle Moreno, whom the authorities identify as sentimental partner of the woman (and that was re-captured on Tuesday night), they crossed several zones of Chía, Tenjo and nearby paths to look for the site where they would leave the child.

At 7 a.m. p.m. of Wednesday, the 24th, Pelayo left Ivonne and his son in the house, in the path Tíquiza. It wanted to make sure with whom he was remaining Ivonne, which was residing there with an aunt who was not this day. Ivonne saw television, fed Luis Santiago and he it slept.
History Luis Santiago
An hour later he listened to noises. When it got up there was abreast the hooded one that was thrown on her and struck her. The man, said an investigator, has the scratched face, since in the struggle the mother managed to start the balaclava. The Police, after the investigation, identified it as Jorge Ovalle. " Where is silver? ", the abductor was shouting. Because of it she associated to the beginning that the plagiarism had to see with 8 millions of Pelayo.

Ultimately, the delinquents took Luis Santiago to themselves. In the escape, an average of the child got entangled with the wire of a fence. This detail, which he was lacking an average, said from the first moment to the policemen that yesterday they found the body of a baby in the hill Tíquiza that was treating itself about Luis Santiago.
Pelayo, Martha Garzón would confess later, it was waiting in the taxi to approximately 150 meters of the housing. The woman calmed the child and with the man of the hood they approached the car. They crossed the route up to the hill and, the investigators believe, probably the child died in the car asphyxiated with a bag.

Pelayo confessed that the woman offered to kill the baby: " If it wants I make it I in order that it is not going to give him remorse ", it was the phrase recorded in the process. When 1,9 kilometres had travelled, they threw the little child in the site where yesterday it finished the search, at 7:30 a.m.. Pelayo had described the place. The baby was between the stubble, to approximately four meters of the way.
Presented for Gina Sabogal
901 J.t
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