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Specific heat capacity

No description

Alex Lam

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Specific heat capacity

Specific Heat Capacity Specific Heat Capacity Learning Object Background and the importance of the law Lam Siu Hang 5D(13)
Li Tim Lok 5D(15)
Chan Chun Fai 5E(02)
Li Hong Wai 5E( 12 ) Heat was thought as a fuild before the development of modern thermodynamics Reasons Explore about the intensive property of heat capacity Step 3 Measuring the temperature difference of water Step 4 Repeating the experiment with different temperature difference Determine the specific heat capacity of a solid Step 1 Tight the heated slot weight in hot water bath with known temperature Procedure Step 2 Quickly transfer the slot weight into a cup of water with known mass How to improve the accuracy of the experiment Using a timer to minimize the time difference of energy released by the slot weight Apparatus Example Apparatus How to improve the accuracy of the experiment Boiling a pot of hot water to improve the efficiency of the experiment Adding a lid to cover the cup of water Heat is no longer considered as a fuild
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