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Mrs Tesch whispered into her husband’s ear: “What is going o

No description

Glenn Connelly

on 4 May 2018

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Transcript of Mrs Tesch whispered into her husband’s ear: “What is going o

Body Paragraphs
In your notebook, write down the essential features of a body paragraph and a brief description/explanation of each feature.
Independent Novel Quiz
Write 700-1000 words to answer the following question:
ESWBAT write an effective body paragraph from an outline

ESWBAT analyze an independent reading novel

ESWBAT explain the requirements for next week's Writer's Workshops
Mrs Tesch whispered into her husband’s ear: “What is going on?”. Unable to answer anything, Mr Tesch slightly shrugged.
Pick up story packet after school

Read and comment on first 5 stories for Wednesday's class

Comments may include:
-grammar/sentence structure corrections
-questions/areas of confusion
-suggestions for changes
-Comment on 5 stories for Wednesday

-Alice Essay Rough Draft (due Wed May 2nd)

-Finish Second independent novel by May 11th*
-Topic Sentence
quotes from text
summary/ connection to THESIS
-Concluding Sentence
why it (F/D) matters
In Lewis Carroll's
Through the Looking Glass
, there are several interactions between children and adults. This has lead readers to ask whether the book shows and adult's perspective of childhood or a child's perspective of adulthood. Because the adults in the novel are portrayed as mean, selfish, nonsensical, and even childish, Through the Looking Glass can be said to show a child's view of adulthood.
The reader first encounters an adult when Alice meets the Red Queen, who treats her in a condescending way.
This furthers the Red Queens development as a condescending character while simultaneously establishing absurdity as the law of the land, thus making her more powerful
she is absurd.
The idea of absurdity being the norm, and adults being mean, is continued through Alice's interactions with other minor characters throughout the novel.
In the very first lines of dialogue between the Red Queen and Alice, the Red Queen is sharply interrogating her and giving instructions on manners, "Where do you come from?...where are you going? Look up, speak nicely, and don't twiddle your fingers all the time"(73).
This reflects how many children view their interactions with adults: the adult demands answers and gives instructions without a care for the child's well-being or concerns.
The Red Queen solidifies her persona as an overbearing character when she goes on to say, "all the ways about here belong to ME"(73) and pats Alice's head as she begins a string of nonsensical comments such as, "
could show you hills, in comparison with which you'd call that a valley"(74). Alice then tries to leave the garden with the Red Queen, who points out, "it takes all the running YOU [Alice] can do, to keep in the same place."
Which element(s) of fiction does the author use to create a theme? How?
(You must use examples from the beginning, middle, AND end of your book.)
THEME - universal message/idea/lesson that can be applied to real life
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