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The Future of Coupons

Learn how social media is changing the face of couponing and see what’s in store for tomorrow.

Nick Sweeney

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The Future of Coupons

Coupon history

How are coupons processed now?

What's going on with coupons now?

What's the future of coupons?

3 important tips for creating a great coupon campaign What's On The Menu For Today? Cou • pons [kue-ponz] noun Why Coupons? 1. Small ads that give customers a reason to take action

2. A great way for companies to drive trial

3. The #1 reason consumers become fans of brands and businesses on Facebook Coupons & Brands Go Way Back 1888 - The first coupon for Coca-Cola appeared 1965 - Half of all families in the US were using coupons What About Digital? Online redemption rates grew by 263% in 2009 Online redemption rates average 17.2% Shareable social coupons average a 20% redemption rate For a 25% reduction, customers would: Sign up for an email newsletter (79%!) Like a Page on Facebook (67%!) Who's My Customer? Traditional coupons average only a .9%
redemption rate With traditional coupons, brands seek out customers With digital coupons, customers
seek out brands. So What's the Future Look Like? Social Coupons Shareable social coupons average a 20% redemption rate Social allows for specific,
detailed data of your fans Source: nchmarketing.com Source: socialcommercetoday.com With social deals, brands and consumers
seek out each other 3 Tips To Get The Most
Out of Social Coupons Source: blog.nielsen.com Source: the-dma.org Source: socialmediatoday.com Thank you!


coupsmart.com/archives Source: 2012 Red Plum Purse Strings Survey Who's My Customer?
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