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Peer Pressure

No description

Kathleen Anderson

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Peer Pressure

Peer Perssure Friends
When you are with your friends they may try to peer pessure you into many things:
Sex Family
Family are another way or form of peer persure:
They may cause you to break your parent rules
They may teach you things that are bad
Bad Peer Perssure Good Peer Perssure Teachers
Teacher are a good way of peer perssure:
They push you to do well in school
Try and teach the right thing to do in life
Setting us up for real life Pastors or Bible study teachers
These people are people that push to do well in learning in the Lord:
They push you to move out of your comofrt zone and do something not like you
They help you understand things so you can go and share the thing you have leatn to other people Parents
Parents are a good kind of peer perssure:
They teach you right from wrong
They push you at things you may not like, so you can experince new things in life
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