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Katarina Enevold

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Facebook

the good,
the bad,
& the ugly.

Logan Beatty
Katarina Enevold
Stephen Klescewski
Imani Paul
Allante Walker

Social media, and namely Facebook, can offer deeper benefits that extend into individuals views on self, community, and the world including things such as

1. Opportunities for community engagement
2. Enhancement of individual and collective creativity through the development and sharing of artistic, musical, and philosophical endeavors
3. Growth of idea sharing through blogs, podcasts, or videos shared via Facebook
4. Online connections and friendships can be established via Facebook through shared experiences. These connections can connect individuals to others from a more diverse background and can also foster ones individual and unique social skills. How neat is that!?

Facebook is one of the most visited websites in the entire world. Facebook is second to only google in terms of daily page views and ranks as the number one social media site.
Facebook had over 864 Million daily active users during September of 2014
Each average visitor views Facebook 14.22 times a day and spends about 24 minutes per day on the site.
Most users browse Facebook at school compared to at home or work, and the United States equates for 28% of global users.
Facebook is accessed via mobile devices by 1.3 BILLION users monthly.

Keeping up with friends/acquaintances when
it may be difficult to maintain face to face
communications with, and see what they are up to.

Showcase groups, clubs, or community events...

On Nov 4th, watch Facebook become Politico-book,
where political views and results of elections can
be argued over!
A general consensus was that Facebook provides an easily accessible way to maintain connections with friends and family they haven't seen in awhile-one individual was even able to discover their biological father! Woohoo!

Pictures! They like Pictures! (It is reported that over 350 million photos are uploaded daily!)

Provides an easier alternate form of communication that isn't face to face.
Research has provided some evidence that online interactions on Facebook may be detrimental to users health. One study found that spending significant time on Facebook provides users with more opportunities to engage in social comparisons.

"The pattern of higher depressive symptoms after engaging in social comparisons may be especially true for college students since they may still be struggling to establish their identities apart from their families, and consequently may be more susceptible to peer influences."

College students are still developing their identities and various elements to their own YOUniquenesses. Comparing ourselves to online "highlight reels" of other individuals is not a healthy form of comparison.

Another issue is young individuals who lack the awareness often post inappropriate posts, messages, and pictures without realizing and understanding the consequences that what goes online, stays online. Future employers or universities do view social networking sites, and have been known to withdraw work or school opportunities!!!
Learning about what we use every day...
" I know someone who got cat-fished." (cat-fishing is feigning to be someone else on an online profile to create a false identity to trick people into a romantic relationship).

Most of our interviewees feel that Facebook is an addictive time killer, and can take away from actual real life situations.
Using Facebook...
Facebook is so good!
Cyberbullying has become a prominent form of deliberately communicating false, embarrassing, or hostile information about another person. Cyberbullying has been linked to causing some damning psychological issues such as depression, isolation, and in some extreme cases, suicide.

Facebook also comes with its own privacy risks. Who is viewing your profile? Are you sharing too much about yourself in posts or through photographs? Is the information you are viewing about an individual or subject fabricated? In a Google search one of the first search results is a Facebook profile. Anyone can type in your name and see all about you with a couple of keystrokes.

Man, Facebook is so bad...
The Bad Side of Facebook: Our interviewees take...
Facebook can be reaaaal ugly...
Recently an article from the Star Tribune explained a situation where a woman, 20, was charged with negligent homicide for surfing her Facebook on her cellphone when she struck another vehicle on the highway. She was going 85 miles per hour, without looking up from her phone to break when she struck the other driver, an 89 year old great-grandmother, and killed her. The Facebook user survived. She was not watching the road and was instead viewing pictures.
An extreme case of ugly:
What good is Facebook anyway? Our interviewees take...
Many agreed that Cyberbullying and stalking was a major issue when it comes to Facebook.

One interviewee stated: "...people (on Facebook) make their lives look like they're living the dream when they're really suffering...Embellishing to make themselves feel better.

One interviewee explained a story from her high school where two students started a petition on Facebook to remove a teacher who was falsely accused of racist remarks. This petition got enough steam behind it to actually get that teacher fired.
Our interviewees take: The Ugly

Facebook has its positive and negative aspects but it remains completely within the hands of the user. For us, as college students, we need to be especially vigilant of how we are perceived online by prospective employers or prospective coworkers. If you wish to have a good experience with Facebook, make sure you are aware of the repercussions of what you are posting online, who you are friend-ing, and how you are perceived by others. What attention do you want to attract?
Facebook has countless new members joining daily. This creates a huge potential for social media to become a new frontier in coercive control, monitoring, and harassment. Ones activities online can be completely anonymous and provide an opportunity for potential stalkers to pursue or harass from a distance. One study claims that Technology based stalking behaviors are even more difficult for targets of stalking to avoid than an offline pursuit.
In a study conducted at the University of Missouri - Columbia, it was found that higher levels of Facebook use is positively correlated with negative relationship outcomes (breakups, divorce, infidelity) for couples who have been together for 3 years or less.
Facebook & stalking...it's REAL.
According to the DM News, "Facebook ads that actually promote
new careers or jobs have done very well within Facebook." Now, maybe that's because the unemployed or underemployed people have more time to spend on Facebook, but it seems like Facebook is easily able to share relevant advertising at ideal times.
Advertising Benefits Facebook Users... say WHAT?
Is Facebook ruining relationships?
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