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A Tribute Timberland Felton:

I am having a difficult time with the loss of Timber. I know it is really odd because I never met her, but she still put a smile on my face. R.I.P. Timber.

Olivia VanSlyke

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of A Tribute Timberland Felton:

A Tribute to Timberland Felton:
A Beloved Pet and Friend
Timber brought big joy to her little family.
"One happy family x"
~ Tom
"If you could bottle my happiness."
~ Jade
Jade cherished her relationship with Timber, bonding with her in extraordinary ways.
"She is a person in another form. A lighthouse of love."
~ Jade
She didn't much like walls...
...but she loved the sunshine...
...and the snow.
She was a loyal pet.
Even if she could be a little naughty...
Tom made sure she was always treated right.
"She always traveled in style."
~ Tom
She taught us how to dress...
...She taught us how to be comfy on the couch...
...She taught us that squirrels fight back.
Timberland taught us all the importance of love and loyalty. She was there for Tom and Jade through thick and thin. In her short few years, she put so many smiles on so many faces. I am thankful for the joy she has brought me, despite never meeting me.
I hope there are plenty of bunnies and squirrels for you to chase in your new world. You will be forever missed.

"I owe a debt to Timber."
~ Jade

We all owe a debt to Timber for what she did and I know this is an inadequate way to repay it. I only hope it is close.
Rest in peace Timber.
(October 22, 2006-May 2014)
“After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”
~ Albus Dumbledore
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