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Digital design

No description

Ashley Bossardet

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Digital design

Digital Design
Page Layout Example
Example of Bad Font Usage
Examples of Good and Bad Graphics
Ashley Bossardet,Cody Daller, Ty Hale, Matthew Eaton, Jenna Robinson
The key idea or key element should stand out from other elements by contrast

Use More White Space

Create color harmony

Use complimentary colors

Don’t use colors that are so bright that they are hard to read
TIFF is, a very flexible format that can be used if you don’t want to lose any quality

Png is used when you wish to keep a image small and compressed and do not wish for the quality to be lowered

JPG is optimized for photographs and similar continuous tone images that contain many, many colors. This also makes you lose some quality in your photo.

GIF creates a table of up to 256 colors from a pool of 16 million. If the image has fewer than 256 colors, GIF can render the image exactly

PSD, PSP, etc., are proprietary formats used by graphics programs.

Color Schemes That Compliment Each Other
The complementary color scheme is made of two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.
This is an example of a bad page layout. The colors could be too straining for someone's eyes. The balance in this page layout is not good and it could be misleading. There isn't a color scheme or any balance. Everything is uneven and unappealing. The layout doesn't help you understand what the concept of the page is.
Page Layout Example
Non- Effective Color Scheme
The main object in the picture should stand out.
Page Layout Rules
Page Layout
Copyright laws protect the author's work from being stolen.
A disclaimer is a straightforward statement that states the terms that it can be used and gives information relating to what the copyright owner believes to be a of their copyright.
Use San Serif with contrast of helectiva.
The are four different forms for filing for a copyright. These are a TX form for text works, a VA form for visual art, a PA form for performing arts, and an SR form for sound recordings.
When something is copyrighted you can't do the following :
copy the work
create different works based upon the work
sell, rent, lease, or lend copies of the work
perform literary, musical, dramatic, motion picture
perform sound recordings
How to tell if it is san serif helectiva ect.
Here are some fonts that are san serif and Helectiva = s Arial Helvetica, Verdana, Futura, Univers, and Franklin Gothic .
Source = http://desktoppub.about.com/cs/basic/g/sansserif.htm
Serif is times new roman and others stated in picture .
From google images.
Use regular paragraph formating to fit more words into a paragraph and just overall . Instead of hard returns for looks and only nescasarry for Type Writers
Do not use more than 4 fonts, use initial caps .
Use bold type for names and key terms.

What is a file format that is a very flexible format that can be used if you don’t want to lose any quality?
What color scheme is made up of two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel?
What is used to make the placement of text and graphics line up and make the design look even?
How many fonts is the limit?
Requirements to become a Graphic Designer
Minor web design , and graphic design.
be experienced in the following software.
source = carrer builder.com
Multi tasking have original ideas
Jquery = 'sJava script UIDesign for web andsoftware design. Illustrator is for logos
What do you have to be experienced in before you can become a graphic designer?
bachelors degree in graphic design
Alignment of type of graphics in relations to each other to make the layout easier to read

Balance all the elements so no section is heavier than everything else and it will look even

Proximity is a part of the design that is away from other parts and can become a main point

Emphasis is an important concept and it should stand out from the rest

Repetition is used to show importance by repeating something

Consistency use constant design that shows a reader where to go and helps them navigate your designs and layouts

Don’t use long text boxes or long blocks of words

Use harmony for a consistent or orderly design and it pulls the piece of visual pictures togethe

Use pattern or shapes to help achieve the harmony and ordering it in a specific arrangement

Use unity to organize a visual image and help its understanding

Page Layout
Good page layout is based on formal letters.
You must include:
Salutation or greeting
Ending of the letter
job titles for multi media design
Written and visual communication
Digital and video production
new media tools
Transmedia story telling
This is an example of a good page layout. It has an appealing style and the color scheme looks nice and even. It looks easy to navigate. Some words stand out more than others. Also, the font color is used appropriately for the background. More people would be attracted to this kind of ad compared to the bad example ad.
MPEG is used on the web source = http://www.mpeg.org/
dvd format default windows
its a music file
a windows audio file
font color for web design
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