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Annoying orange


Logan Weatherbie

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Annoying orange

Annoying Orange Marshmallow Pear

Midget Apple Passion Fruit Knife Grapefruit Jigsaw Plumpkin First Annoying Orange Video Annoying Orange video Spoofs Orange after the dentist David after the dentist spoof Kitchen Intruder Bedroom intruder spoof Sneezing Marshmallow Sneezing Baby Panda Spoof Annoying Orange Meets Charlie the Unicorn Charlie the Unicorn Spoof Equals annoying orange Equals three spoof Theme Songs Pear theme song Marshmallow theme song Plum theme song Orange theme song midget apple theme song Knife theme song Annoying orange deaths Killed by Knife Apple Pumpkin Other Orange Grapefruit Blackberry Mystery Potato Man Cabbage Onion Pineapple Grapefruit's sister Grampa Lemon Green apple Red Delicious Golden Delicious Granny Smith Cucumber Pepper Avocado (Lizardberry) Ginger Plum Other deaths Tomato Eggplant Cheese Evil Orange Crabapple Thank you for giving annoying orange 1 million subscibers But, the best character of all time is
Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig with a Chainsaw Here is his episode I-phone (apple) Broccoli Leader Walnut Bananas (Boomerangs) Wassabi Grand Finale Super Mario Watermelon Lady Pasta Party Platter (Chedder) Lime
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