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Antimicrobial Finish

No description

Eslam Shalby

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Antimicrobial Finish

Introduction Antimicrobial Finish For More info
contact us at
mena_yot2000@yahoo.com Main points * Introduction.
*Properties of an effective antimicrobial finish.
*Mechanism of anti microbial finishes.
*sample video for antimicrobial finish.
*what is Nano Tech finish.
*conclusion. Introduction Two different aspects of antimicrobial finishes :

*protection of textile( user )aganist pathogenic or odour causing microorganism (hygiene finishes ).

*protection of textile (itself )from damage caused by mould , mildew. *Fungi "discoloration , coloured stains and fiber damage".

*Bacteria" produce some fiber damage , unpleasant odours , slimy feel and a slick. Properties of an effective antimicrobial finish. *Spreed of microbes .
*important criteria.
*properties of anti microbial finish(kill or stop) Mechanism of anti microbial finishes. *types of anti microbial finishes . what is NANO Tech conclusion * Introduction.
*Properties of an effective antimicrobial finish.
*Mechanism of anti microbial finishes.
*what is Nano Tech finish. The most trouble -causing organisms are Natural Fibers wool Bacteria cotton fungi *leaching
*bound Easily Applied Any Question
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