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Oliver Jardim- Middle Ages

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Oliver Jardim- Middle Ages

Middle Ages
-5th to 15th Centuray
-Age of Discovery
-Population of Europe Increased Rapidly
-One of Three Major Time Periods In Europe History
- A famous composer that lived from 505 to 571
- Composer, scholar, and pioneer of musical notation, Saint Yared was born in Axum, Ethiopia on April 25, 505 AD
Notker Balbulus
Arnaut Daniel
- Was called the "grand master of love"
- Invntor of an instrument called a "sestena"
Oliver Jardim- Middle Ages
Notker Balbulus
- Famous composer that lived from 840 to 912
- Born in Switzerland and died in Switzerland
Music By Yared
Arnaut Daniel
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