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Recent Work: My Multimedia Advertising & Marketing Portfolio

Notable work accomplishments that includes but not limited to -- mobile advertising, online/digital/social media marketing planning, ATL and BTL ad campaigns management, brand management, etc.

Ruth Li

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Recent Work: My Multimedia Advertising & Marketing Portfolio

Social Media Seminar,
PCCW Tower
Successfully organized and presented a social media seminar that was attended by the HK-Taiwan FB team. This event boosted more than double sales revenue.
Led the team to conceive, develop and publish the Canon EOS 7D camera launched brochure.
Canon EOS 7D Launch Brochure
Marble Cupcake Decoration Competition for Garden Bread
Managed a successful campaign for Garden Bread's marble cake product that included video and photo shootings, website and BTL designs, and social media platform management. The competition had a positive response from the market with an approx. 5% increase in the client's retail revenue.
yp1083 HK Search App
Acquired over one million downloads of the mobile app (yp1083) where I played a major role in developing and implementing the marketing plan. This mobile app to date is a top ranked app on both iTunes and Google Play stores.
That's Ruth!
Directed the 10th anniversary cocktail event and managed the creation of the special edition cookbook for Shama Serviced Apartments. This project broadened the company's portfolio and my team was highly complimented by the client!
Event Management for Shama
Website Revamp Maintenance Project for HKUST
By: Ruth LI
Updated: Sep 2013
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