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William Baffin

No description

Emma Spott

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of William Baffin

By Emma Spott
William Baffin
William Baffin was born in London England in 1584, and was an Arctic explorer who searched for the Northwest Passage.
Years Of Travel
William Baffin explored fom 1612 - 1622.

Baffin had an ill-fated voyage to Greenland; he was chief pilot with captain James Hall.
He was a pilot on two expeditions to the Spitsdergen region.
Baffin's most import voyage, he was under Robert Bylot in search of the Northwest Passage.
Baffin and captain James Hall went out again on the Discovery, but this time up Davis Strait. This is when Baffin mapped what is called "Baffin Bay" now.
Baffin sailed to Surat, India before going to the Persain Gulf and Red Sea, to do further research.

What Motivated The
William baffin
Source Of Finance
Willam Baffin

William was not mentioned in till his first voyage in 1612, so there are not many facts about his childhood.
He was born into a not so wealthy family and could not go to school so he was self-educated, and very talented at a young age, and due to this he worked hard on his navigational skills and became very good.
Baffin was married but if he had children is unknown.
Many famous explorers including Henry Hudson, Tomas Button, and William Gibbions. All tried to find the Northwest Passage but all of them failed.
Just like all of these explorers were motivated to find the Northwest Passage so was Baffin.
Also the Northwest Passage meant you had access to get to other countries for even more trade.
Even though Baffin was under different people in most of his voyages the captain, did not pay.
England wanted him to go on these voyages, therefore England paid for it.
Why Spend Money On His Voyage?
The Northwest Passage was super important to England because, If Baffin were to succeed it would mean that:
There would be a shorter route to the Orient.
More trade with countries around the world.
More money.
Great power for England.
Did he accomplish
His Mission?
William Baffin's biggest goal was to find the Northwest Passage but sadly his voyage did not succeed.

While he and his crew were approaching Baffin Island (named after William Baffin) they experience harsh weather and ice conditions and had to return to England.

Baffin was the man who travelled the farthest into the North Arctic, without even knowing it!

Baffin also found Smith Sound when he was far North, and discoverd Lancaster Sound, which is the entrance to the Northwest Passage. Again Baffin did not know he had done this, and it was found out in the 1900s.
Other Discoveries
1620 -1622:
He sailed back out to the East, where Anglo-Persian forces where trying to take over the Portages and, this is where Baffin died because of the war going on.
Tecnical Advances
In the 1600s there wasn't a lot of technology so today when you bring your IPhone on your yacht and ask Siri for help that did not happen back then, they would have to use a wooden boat, compass, quadrant, and previous maps.

Baffin used a boat that would hold up well in the Arctic and may have been used from the previous explorers (Henry Hudson, Tomas Button, William Gibbions).
Baffin and his crew used compasses to tell where North was because of magnetic variations are in the North.
To determine longitude by use of angular distance of the moon from other celestial body.
Previous Maps:
Baffin used previous maps from explorers to maybe find out where they went wrong so he would not make the same mistake.
William Baffin Went on many voyages and experienced many challenges.
While on his way to find the Northwest Passage Baffin had to turn back because of bad Weather conditions (snow), which caused the sails to freeze, and icebergs made it hard to travel by boat.
There was not always a lot of food on board.
Also when Baffin was going to the Persian Gulf for Charting and Surveying they encountered a war going on and Baffin got shot and died.
Baffin And The
It's safe to say that there is not a lot of information on William Baffin and the Aboriginals, since at the time no one was able to find out that information.
William Baffin did experience both side of the Aboriginal (Inuit) people.

He witnessed his Captain of the discovery (James Hall) get killed by the Inuit people.
They did this for revenge since captain Hall did captured some of the aboriginals and took them on his voyages to work as salves.
After James died Baffin met up with a new leader named Andrew Baker.
Baffin with his new captain went to the coast of Greenland for more trade but it was peaceful.

William Baffin's Impact
On Canada
William Baffin is not a well-known explorer to Canada and did not have any negative effect on Canada's Development.
He will always be known as a great and skilled mapmaker.
W.E Perry named Baffin Bay and Baffin Island in his Honor.
Baffin Bay and Island are located in Canada's Territory Nunavut.
Thank You!
I hope you enjoyed my presentation on William Baffin.
Internet Links:

Historical Atlas Of Canada (By Derek Hayes)
The Search For the Northwest Passage (By Warren brown)
Buried in Ice (By Owen Beattie & Jhon Geiger)
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