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Project Milestone: Skill Related Fitness

Different exercises to help with each skill-related fitness topic.

Victoria Grace

on 21 July 2010

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Transcript of Project Milestone: Skill Related Fitness

Agility -Set up two cones about
100 feet apart. Start
at one, and run to the
other as fast as poss-
ible. Touch the cone
and then run back. Coordination Power Reaction Time Speed Balance -stand on a straight line
about 100 feet long. Step
up on your tippy toes, put
your arms out and walk. -Set up two cones. Start at on cone and run as fast as you can at the other. Stop before hitting the other cone. Run a little every day.
Each day, increase your
speed and time. -Do ten reps running
up a hill everyday. -Practice dribbling a
basketball on both hands.
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