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Rainbow Warriors

No description

Robert Spiller

on 27 October 2010

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Transcript of Rainbow Warriors

Double click anywhere & add an idea Lorraine Mafi-Williams from Australia tells the tale of the re-emergence of the rainbow.
Last baby born in traditional way.
Mother was medicine woman/healer and father was linguist.
She was "stolen" and put to work in the white households.
She was taught of Githrabaul culture.
She was also trained by Mrs. Millie Boyd, or Aunt Millie, about the Australian Aborigines and of Mount Warning (Wollombin).
Travelers from the Tibetans, the Native Americans, and the Australian Aborigines would travel to Ayer's Rock, or Uluru, the sacred heart of Australia.
Lorraine became the representative of Aunt Millie in her old years.
She taught all about the traditional Aboriginal lore and was given the name Alinta, or Woman of the Fire.
Lorraine began her film career in 1973 and assisted with many other critically acclaimed Australian films. The world was one continent and then was split up into the continents of today and there were four major mountains that contained large crystals for the energy grid.
A board was formed to protect the Aborigines but became abusive and was abolished later on.
They adopted Christianity but never fully accepted it or followed it because they didn't want to worship a human but just one creator and one mother Earth.
orraine says that the elders believe that every single white person should know about their culture before the Earth shift takes place.
The Native Indians will govern the world after the shift but not in the way we govern now.
The KKK tried to eradicate all non-whites in Australia.
Their prophecy said that when the world suffered, the children of the world suffered and that's what they believed was happening then.
They gathered at a convergence and although some thought it was going to be at Uluru, Lorraine knew it was going to be at Wollombin.
They saw 4 spirits come together as one at Wollombin and knew that it was time to start spreading the story. Lorraine's teachings were meant to share the Aboriginals culture after keeping it intact for thousands of years.
She teaches about when the world was one land mass and about how the culture of the Aboriginals still live inside it's members.
They believe that Earth is the smallest planet and spirits brought up an energy grid to keep Earth from being pulled around the galaxy.
The energy grid is refered to as Boamie, the sacred Rainbow Serpent.
All the minerals and crystals of the Earth have a purpose for this energy grid and recently the lack of them in the Earth is jeopardizing the state of the energy grid.
Coronation Hill is being threatened by governments because it is rich in platinum, palladium, and uranium.
Coronation Hill is the most critical place, according to Lorraine, and if it was severely disturbed, the world would be hit by tremendous catastrophes.
The world goes through million year periods and 7000 year changing periods. Transition has started and they are trying to get everyone's attention to help repair the energy grid.
The model of the new world contains children in it's core, men in the middle and women on the outside. Also, the world has golden and violet rays coming out of it.
The world will be all golden and called the Sacred Hoop.
They could monitor the Rainbow Serpent's health by summoning and studying rainbows.
Soon the rainbow will circle the Earth perfectly. By Robert Spiller Tales of Alinta: Rainbow Down Under The End
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