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Blue Team Back to School Night 2017

No description

Jennifer Stuever

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of Blue Team Back to School Night 2017

Ashland Elementary - 5th Grade Blue Team
Back to School Night Preview

Meet the Teachers
Parent Portal
Parent Portal links you to all of your children in PWCS. Visit the Ashland web page, and click on the "News" section. In that section, there's a link called "Parent Portal Information & Registration." When you click this, you will be able to register and then get an email. You will have to bring that email to the office to get the login information. This is the best way to stay up to date on your child's progress in all classes.
Info on School Messenger
School Messenger is the web server for PWCS. Here you will find important information about your child's classes. Information that will typically be found on our web page includes:
1. Newsletters
2. Reading Passport Documents
3. Test Dates (on calendar)
4. Practice Links, PowerPoints, and Study Guides (coming soon)
5. Information about each subject
6. Helpful websites (coming soon)
Classroom/School Information
1. Organization - Students move classrooms and take necessary supplies with them to each class. They write in their agendas daily to keep track of assignments and important dates.
2. Reflection Forms - Each week, students have the opportunity to earn an extra recess. If students are making poor choices, not completing their assignments, or are unprepared for class, they will not earn the extra recess. They will instead have to complete a reflection, which will be taken home for a signature.
4. Allergies - Students may bring nut products for lunch, but they may not eat them as their snack in the classrooms.
5. PTO - Please join! Lots of fun activities throughout the year!
Topics Covered in 5th Grade
Reading: Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry, Research, Reading Rotations, Reading Passport
Writing: Expository, Narrative, Research/Informational, Opinion/Persuasive
Math: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions (addition/subtraction), Decimals, Geometry, Measurement, Probability, Data Analysis, Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
Social Studies: Map Skills, Global Concepts, US Regions, Countries of North America
Science: Scientific Process, Diversity of Life, Geology, Oceanography, Sound, Light, Matter
More information on each topic can be found on our web page, which you can find by going to Ashland's home page, and then clicking "Teams," then "5th Grade" and then "Blue Team."
5th Grade Highlights
Richmond Science Center Field Trip - 12/1
EAGLES Science Center - Spring
5th Grade Promotion - June (last week of school)
Testing and Grading Information
Unit Tests will be given in reading, math, science and social studies
Quizzes and quick checks will be given periodically. throughout each unit. These may or may not be announced ahead of time.
Each subject will have at least 9 grades factored into the overall grade for the quarter. Grades can be monitored through Parent Portal.
5th Grade SOL Tests: Reading, Math, Science - all will be given in May
Welcome to 5th Grade!
Thank you for viewing this preview of the 5th grade blue team's Back to School Night. When you come to Back to School Night, you will rotate through your child's teachers to get more specific information about various items in the specific subject areas. Fifth grade will hold two sessions to accommodate parents that may have children in multiple grade levels. Our first session will begin at 6:30, and our second session will begin at 7:15. If you have any questions that have not been covered in this presentation or at Back to School Night, please feel free to email Mrs. Young (youngjl@pwcs.edu), Mr. Rodgers (rodgerbj@pwcs.edu), or Mrs. Stovall (stovalcx@pwcs.edu).
Thank you for viewing our Back to School Night Preview. We look forward to seeing you on 9/28!
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