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Mental Health Lower Primary

A Different Day

A Different Day

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Mental Health Lower Primary

Mental Health Lets talk about
feelings... http://camsden.co.uk/feelings/

Feelings come from inside.
They let you know how you feel. A Different Day

Lower Primary
Being angry makes my face hot. Sometimes I get so angry I think about throwing things and even hitting people.

Taking some deep breaths and counting to ten helps me to calm down.

I feel warm inside and have a big grin on my face.

I like to do things that make me happy like playing games, watching my favourite film or listening to songs I love.

My head feels muddled. I have lots of thoughts spinning round really fast and I can’t think clearly.

Talking about it helps me to see things straight.

I’m not worrying about anything, or feeling scared or angry. I’m feeling peaceful. It’s great.

When you’re calm, try thinking about what helped you to feel calm.

I cry a lot. I used to think I was being a baby when I cried. But in fact it is braver to be seen crying than to keep your tears inside. I’m Scared

I get a funny feeling in my tummy that makes me feel sick. My body goes shaky and my heart beats really, really fast. I get scared that bad things might happen or that someone might hurt me. When I’m scared I talk to Cam. He’s scared of spiders and thunder like me. If someone makes me scared by being mean to me, then Cam helps me to tell someone about it. Cam says I should even think about how they’re feeling. Sometimes they’re scared too. nearly all material was copied from the following: http://www.tavistockandportman.nhs.uk/ifeel I'm Confused I'm Happy I'm Scared I'm Sad I'm Angry I'm Calm

I get a funny feeling in my tummy that makes me feel sick. My body goes shaky and my heart beats really, really fast.

It helps me to tell someone about it. call me Cam! Hello!
I'M a sock puppet, but you can Everybody has got feelings- you, your family, your friends,your teachers, people you don't know walking on the street... I went to my local school to find out what
the kids think about feelings. Shall we
check it out? Children like to talk to me about their feelings, they find it helpful. And I love to listen and to be useful! "Like the rain pouring down,
or the Sun shining bright
having loads of different feelings
is positively right!" Activity 1 References http://www.education.com/activity/article/feeling_meter_kindergarten/ Make an "I feel" thermometer: Or Colour the 'feelings crew': http://camsden.co.uk/feelings/crew/angry Or Make your own sock puppet expressing
how you feel right now then share it with your friends. Listen to the 'Feelings Stories'. In each story, you will notice that the book characters face emotional difficulties, due to different reasons. As a class, explore possible ends for these stories. http://camsden.co.uk/stories/ Activity 2 Stories: Someone's picking on me
My school has sent me home Thank you! http://www.mind.org.uk/
Breaking the Silence.Teaching children about mental illness:
http://www.parentguidenews.com/Catalog/SpecialNeeds/BreakingtheSilence/ http://camsden.co.uk/feelings/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/health/support/support_young.shtml?samaritans Activity 3 Book (available at the library): The Feelings Book
by Todd Parr What are feelings
and where do they
come from? Sometimes it is difficult to understand what the others are feeling or even what we feel ourselves! Do you feel happy? Do you feel angry?
Are you upset?
Sometimes you might not know
how you feel. Or you may
feel lots of things at once. Lets have a look at some feelings... Others resources Children's online activities: Children with mental health issues: Mind:
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