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Canadian Inventions 1900-2010

Inventions made by Canadians from 1900-2010

Ben Dookram

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Canadian Inventions 1900-2010

Canadian Inventions
1900 - 2010
1900 - 1910
Wireless Telegraph - Gugleilmo(1900)
Marquis Wheat - Charles Saunder(1903)
Gingerale - John McLaughlin(1904)
Bottle Washing - John McLaughlin(1904)
Acetylene Buoy - Thomas Wilson(1904)
Harplet Brooks and Ernest Rutherford started researching radon gas and radioactivity(1904)
Radio Broadcasting Device - Reginal Fessenden(1906)
Hydrofoil Boat - Alexander Bell and Casey Baldwin(1908)
Robertson Screw - Peter Robinson(1908)
5 Pin Bowling - Thomas Ryan(1909)
1910 - 1920
Chocolate Nut Bar - Arthur Ganong(1910)
Twin Plane Air Cooled Engine - William Gibson(1910)
Egg Carton - Joseph Coyle(1911)
McIntosh Apple - John and Allen McIntosh(1912)
Zipper - Gideon Sundback(1913)
Narrette Wire Connector - Bill Mar(1914)
Tracer Bullets - Reginald Fessenden(1914)
MacPherson Gas Mask - Cluny Macpherson(1915)
Super Phosphate Fertilizer - Tohmas Wilson(1915)
Fathometer - Refinald Fessenden(1919)
1920 - 1930
Quick Frozen Foods - William Stephenson
Insulin-Frederick Classens
Electronic Organ-Frederick Banting & Charles Bes
Pablum Baby Food-Wallace Turnball
Variable Pitch Propeller-Arthur Sicard
Snowmobile-Frank Robb
Wire Photo Transmitter - Archie Hutsman
Snowblower-TG Drake, Alan Brown and Frederick Tisdall
TA Bombardier-Alternating Current Radio
Table Hockey-Donal Munro(1932)
Humane Fur Animal Trap-Ralph Conibear(1937)
Electronic Microscope-Eli Burton and James Hillier(1937)
Monopoly-Charles Darrow(1934)
Norseman Bush Aircraft-Robert Noorduyun(1936)
Television Camera-Francois Henroteau(1933)
Jiger ATV - John Gower(1937)
Cleaning Air in enclosed space-Wilbur Franks (1934)
Polymerized Methyl-William Chalmes(1931)
Nylon-Wallace Carothers(1935)
Portable X-Ray-Ted Rogers
First General Use Computer was invented -1946
Paint Roller-Norman Breakey(1940)
Anti-gravity Suit-Wilbur Franks(1941)
Jet Liner-James Floyd(1949)
Combine Harvester-Thomas Carroll(1946)
Railway Car Brake-George Dorey(1941)
Self-propelled Combine Harvester-Charles Everette(1943)
Roller Skate-Wallace Freeborn(1948)
Propellor De-icer-TR Griffith and John Orr(1946)
Walkie Talkie-Donald Hings(1946)
Goalie Mask-Jacques Plante(1959)
Cobalt 60 Bomb-Harold Johns (1951)
Electric Wheel Chair-George Klein(1958)
Gas Sperator-George Klein (1958)
Poutine-Fernald LaChance (1957)
Electronic Music Synthesizer-LeCaine Hugh(1957)
Jolly Jumper Susan Poole(1959)
Polyethylene Garbage Bag-Harry Wasylyk and Larry Hansen(1950)
Polar Navigation System-Georgre Wright(1958)
Automatic Postal Sorter-Maurice Levy(1957)
Laser Sailboat(1969)
Football Goal Post-James Trimble(1960)
Analytical Plotter-Uno Halava(1964)
Perforated Breakwater-Gerad Jarlan(1963)
Yukon Gold Potato-Gary Johnston(1966)
Atomic Clock-National Research Council(1960)
Multi Dynamic Image Technique-Christopher Chapman(1967)
Caesar Cocktail-Walter Chell(1969)
Instant Mashed Potatoes-Edward Asselbergs(1962)
First Home Desktop Computer(1976)
Safety Paint-Neil Harpham(1974)
Computer Braille-Roland Galarneau(1972)
Ginger Beef-George Wong(1970)
Prosthetic Hand-Lucas Helmut(1971)
Trivia Pursuit-Chris Harey and Scott Abbott(1979)
Poly Pump Liquid Dispenser-Harold Humphrey(1972)
Slick Licker-Richard Sewell(1970)
Roadway Guard Rail-Basso and Lloyd Pinkney(1973)
Ultrviolet Degradable Plastic-James Guillet(1971)
Able Walker-Norm Rolster (1986)
Silicone Chip Blood Analyzer-Imants Lauks(1986)
Light Pipe-Lorn Whitehead(1988)
Abdominizer-Dennis Collonelo (1984)
Film Coulourization -Wilson Markle(1983)
Gramaphone-Alexander Bell and Emile Berliner(1989)
Fox 40 Whistle-Ron Foxcroft(1987)
Motorized Articulated Arm-Jacques Forest(1981)
Helicopter Firefighting Bucket-Donald Arney(1986)
Canadarm-National Aeronautical Establishment(1981)
IMAX Movie System-Grahame Ferguson(1991)
Java Programming Language-James Gosling(1994)
Biopsy Catheter-Georger Klein(1996)
Black Berry Device-Mike Lazaridis(1999)
Weevac-Wendy Murpher(1995)
Safety Device for Truck Wheels-Peter Nordine(1999)
Water Ski Training Device-Pam Townsend (1992)
Digi Sync- Mike Lazardis(1999)
Explosive Vapour Detector-Lome ellas(1990)
Amine Vapour Detector-Lorne Elias(1990)
Interchangable Head Screwdriver-George Cluthe(2001)
Uno Mortorcycle-Ben Gulak(2006)
Advanced Canada Deuterium Uranium-Atomic Energy of Canada Limited(2008)
Zenn (zero emission no noise) Light Electric Car(2008)
BlackBerry Torch 9800-RIM(2010)
BlackBerry Tour-RIM(2009)
Burnout Paradise-EA(Electronic Arts)(2008)
BlackBerry Storm 2-RIM(2009)
Need for Speed: Most Wanted-EA(2005)
NHL 2002-EA(2001)
Thankyou for watching my presentation about Canadian Inventions
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