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Year 4 Olympos

No description

Stuart Downing

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Year 4 Olympos

When everyone had arrived, we waved goodbye to our parents then set off.When we had arrived at the airport, the teachers checked in all our luggage.On the plane I sat next to Selin and Nicole.when we arrived we went on coaches to Dudan Waterfall.After fifteen minutes of play we went to Olympos the old town. I bought a Golden snake with jewels encrusted on it (it was twenty-five lira). Then we went to the Hotel. I was roomates with Selin and Nicole. At dinner my fox toy (Basil) thought he was a cat. After that we went to bed.
We got on the coaches to the three beautiful beaches of Phaeslis.We walked around them for a while. After that we used stones to create artwork on a beach.Then we had a picnic. I ate lots of apples.Then we went back to the hotel to get our swimwear.After that we went to the beach
By Millie
The Journey
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