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Elijah of Buxton

No description

Marina Sawh

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Elijah of Buxton

By : Christopher Paul Curtis Elijah of Buxton Characters Plot Conflict Climax 1. Elijah Freeman
Elijah was the first child to freedom in Buxton.
Every time Elijah when fishing he would bring some back for other people.
3. The Preacher
In Buxton no one really knows about the Preacher.
4. Elijah gets kidnapped by Mr.Leroy in an attempt to catch the Preacher who has stolen $700,000 from Mr.leroy to free his family.
The Preacher shoots the man protecting the money.
Mr.Leroy and Elijah tries to hunt down the Preacher.
Mr.Leroy dies and Elijah is faced with continuing on and finding the Preacher.
Elijah found a family of chained, escaped slaves.
Elijah almost returns to Buxton alone, but feels he needs to help them (the family). At the moment.
Elijah tries to read the situations as an adult would and lies to help get the baby. Man VS. Society:
Elijah struggled to the fact that he was black. Elijah struggles with the opinions about how the white people treat him different because he is a different color then they are. He didn't think it was right to be a slave. In fact, his mother and father were slaves once. They never wanted that to happen to their child. Elijah tried the slaves in the barn.

Man vs Himself
Elijah was debating against himself if he should or shouldn't free the slaves, one part of his mind said yes and the other said no. Elijah guides Mr.Leroy on their expedition to get the money back from the preacher.
Before they find the preacher Mr.Leroy dies, this is when Elijah is no longer the "fragile" child his mother called him.
A young man who takes care of business and promised Elijah he would take care of business with Mr.Leroy. Theme:
The theme of the story of Elijah of Buxton is that hope is always out there even when you don't think there is. This book Elijah of Buxton, reminds me of the movie Roots, this movie is about slavery, and the character Kunta Kinta reminds me of Elijah's parents. Kunta Kinta struggled to freedom but eventually made it. He helped others to freedom after he made it. This connects to the book because Elijah's parents struggled to freedom, but eventually made it and had a little boy named Elijah. Elijah now helps others to freedom, because he thinks everyone deserves to be free. He tried to help those people in the barn but he could only help a little baby girl named Hope. The book and movie are similar because both the book and movie understand what it's like be slaves and they both want freedom and they both eventually get it. Personification: I was a "shining bacon of light an hope for the future". Setting Resolution Theme Connections Literary Devices Vocab The setting of Elijah of Buxton takes place ......... In the early 1860's
In Buxton, Canada
A few miles to Lake Erie
Near Windsor
Located in southwestern Ontario Elijah takes the baby from Mrs. Chloe (A lady tied up with the baby)
Elijah promises her that he will keep her baby safe, and taken care of her.
Elijah heads home with the baby and Mrs. Chloe now feels better now that her baby is living a free life other than living in slavery. Conflict The Preacher stole Mr. Leroy's money,the Preacher had to deliver the money to Mr. Leroy, he (Mr.Leroy) was saving up to buy his family out of slavery. The preacher's knew someone who could get them out of slavery. The preacher shot that someone and took the money though. Mr. Leroy and Elijah had to then go to America and get the money back.

Another conflict in the story is with Elijah and the trapped slaves. There are trapped slaves in the barn that the preacher died in, so Elijah decides to break the slaves out. There were two men, a child, a woman and her baby. The only person Elijah was able to save was the baby girl named Hope. Evidence:
the preacher and Mr. Leroy are dead.
Elijah is trying to free the chained slaves.
Elijah goes to town to try to get some help, but no will help Elijah,so he thinks the slaves can't be helped.
But he goes back anyways just to try again, he can't help them.
The woman who has a baby gave Elijah the baby s
so he could give the baby a life of freedom in Canada instead of a life of slavery in America.
Hope came from this because now the baby will grow up free. Maybe even when the baby is older he or she might help other people get out of slavery. Pendulum: A body so suspended from a fixed point as to move to and fro by the action of gravity and acquired momentum. Manumission: The act of manumitting. Blaspheming: To speak irreverently of God or sacred things. Bondage: The state of being bound by or subjected to some external power or control. Dexterity: Skill or adroitness in using the hands or body. Sermon: A long, tedious speech. Tolerable: Capable of being tolerated Buckboard: A light, four-wheeled carriage in which a long elastic board or lattice frame is used in place of body and springs. Hyperbole (Exaggerate and overemphasize the statement): Some folks swear I throwed up so hard that desks and chairs rose up and floated out of the schoolhouse. Smile (Comparisons between two unrelated and dissimilar things): I looked at Cooter and couldn't help hoping that thick headedness ain't something you can catch like a cold. Onomatopoeia (Actual sound/noise they represent): I looked under the mule again and there they were, wings still a-buzzing. The End Presented By: Marina Rebecca Christopher Paul Curtis &
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