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SOAPStone Book Project

No description

Carlos Simms

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of SOAPStone Book Project

Subject Occasion Purpose Speaker Tone Audience The intended audience of this book is truly anybody but mainly older age groups such as teens and adults, who may have a personal connection with violence and ignorance. In my opinion, it may be directed towards Americans mainly because we as a country are a very proud, ignorant, and carless group of people when it comes to the values of others. Main Characters and Major Conflict: What prompted the author to write it? The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Suzanne Collins has written and published three “Hunger Games” novels, a series of five books called the “Gregor Chronicles,” and a children’s book called “When Charlie McButton Lost Power.” The tone of the book is a mixture of Dark, Erie, Rebellious, Power, and Scandalous because the sadness Katnis tries to escape in this book, reappears as a hopeful solution, but then vanishes into the evil and ignorance of the Capitol. "My nose registers the conflicting scents of roses and blood. A small white-haired man who seems vaguely familiar is reading a book. Then he turns and my heart skips a beat. I'm staring into the eyes of President Snow." (Collins 17) Who is the intended audience of the book? SOAPSTone Book Project Setting: Who is the main character? The main character is Katnis Everdeen. What is the major conflict? Katnis, her friends, and her family are all trying to survive in a world after the 74th Hunger Games. Panem's President Snow is keeping a close eye on Katnis and everyone aroung her. At a point when she thinks she's alone, Mr. Snow sees her with Gale outside of the confindes of her district. President Snow seemed both angry and calm about it, only to take his revenge on a different perspective. Every 25 years there is something called a Quarter Quell, where there is a twist in the games. In the 75th Hunger Games. Katnis is in the games, yet again, to fight for her right to live, but there is a major ending twist. The second Hunger Games novel begins right after the first, where Katnis and Peeta are on the train and heading back to District 12 for their “ceremony.” They both are upset at each other, as in the ending of the first book. They are reunited with loved ones only to notice their basic freedom has been taken away by an "annual lovers memorial," where the cameras take annual interviews of the two star crossed lovers that won the 74th Hunger Games. The only problem is that they were faking being in love. "Hey, Peeta, remember how I told you I was kind of faking being in love with you? Well, I really need you to forget about that now and act extra in love with me or the president might kill Gale." (Collins 33) Major Theme: The lesson is ‘Standing up to what you believe in, might have extremely serious consequences, but in the end, it will have a great outcome as well.’ This is the theme because Katnis goes through the book pondering on the fact or possibility that she is the only one that can liberate everyone from the Capitol’s grasp. But in the end, she had already done so unknowingly with the secret help of an unknown insurgent. Was the book written because it was or is a popular topic to write about? What was going on in the world that inspired the author to write this book? When Suzanne Collins was watching television she came across a program where people where competing for something so unimportant (non-reality) and a program with live coverage of a group of young people fighting in a real war (reality). She then came up with the idea of Katnis and the Hunger Games. Not necessarily at the time it was being written, but since the publication, more and more sub books on the subject of death, loss, grief, etc. have been written; possibly inspiration from Suzanne’s ideals. In her views, there was a lot of war, ignorance, and carelessness towards everything in reality and the opposite in television shows, which desensitized the morals and views of most people of today’s world. Suzanne then decided to write a book about a scenario where ignorance, evil, desensitized views, and extreme social separation played major roles. The reason for writing this book is both to entertain and inform, because Suzanne vaguely tries to convert your rationality to see through the eyes of Katnis Everdeen. She wanted you to be more aware of the possible world of that point in time and to ponder on today’s world as well. What other books have been written by the author? Does the author have any authority on what was written, what has been done to gain that authority? When Suzanne was young, her father went to Vietnam to fight. Being very young, she couldn’t understand the magnitude of the situation until she was flipping through channels on her television. She heard a program talking about Vietnam, then instantly understood that her father was there, within that violence and the despair. Summary: Katnis Everdeen has won the 74th Hunger Games. She and Peeta Mellark are miraculously still alive after their rebellious act against the Capitol. They were on the train headed to their beloved district 12, when all of a sudden they are forced into a “Victory Tour.” The Victory Tour forced them to visit all the districts, even the district of Katnis’s friend Rue. When Katnis arrives to Rue’s District, a crowd of half angry half sad people, some in masks, only upholds her. When she is finished with her speech, she is rushed back to her train because the people in the masks were revolting, starting a full-scale rebellion in that district. She meets refuges from the revolt in the woods of district 12, where they claim the existence of a powerful district 13. She meets with the bloodthirsty president Snow, who threatens her family and friends because she indirectly started a rebellion. To get back with her in revenge, Snow creates a 3rd Quarter Quell scenario for the 75th Hunger Games, where the victors of past games were to enter the Games yet again.
In the Hunger Games Katnis promised to protect Peeta with all of her power, only to be positioned in a very small arena that has a death trap in every section of the arena. Katnis is three days into the Games when one of her allies comes up with a plan to kill their hunters. When the plan is pulled out, the career pack and a secret, and unnecessary killer sabotaged it. The hovercraft comes and picks up the dead bodies as usual.
The arena is then bombed with brute force by a mistaken machine. The hovercraft, that was assumed to just pick up the dead. She passes out from her pain and confusion, and then wakes up in the very hovercraft that harmed her and everyone else. Haymitch and gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee greet her, and then she is told that the hovercraft is not of the Capitol’s. “There was a plan to break us out of the arena from the moment the Quell was announced. Plutarch has been, for several years, part of an undercover group aiming to overthrow the Capitol. The hovercraft belongs to district 13. Meanwhile, most of the districts in Panem are in full-scale rebellion.” (Collins 385)
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