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Ancient Greek Instruments

Learn about the twelve instruments used in Ancient Greek times!

Alison Stouffer

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Instruments

Ancient Greek Instruments Aulos (Tibia) Wind instrument Types: Had strap to help with strain monaulos
plagiaulos Played at: Sports events
Dramas Barbiton String instrument More than Seven Strings Related to lyre Bass version of Cithara Cithara (Kithara) Kithara is Greek for "Guitar" Seven or more strings Uses: Dances
Epic recitations
Rhapsodies Odes
Lyric Songs
Receptions Banquet
National games
Trial of skill
Crotalum Clappper or castanet Religous Dances Made of: Shell
Wood Epigonion 40 strings Plucked with a pick called plectrum Related to Harp Different Sizes of strings Lyre 4,7, or 10 strings Not plucked Extra strings silenced with hand Pick called plectrum Small harp Pan flute (Pan pipes) 5 or more pipes Pipes different sizes Made from: Bamboo
Giant cane
Metal Pandura Medium or long necked lute 3 strings Phorminx Mix of Cithara and Lyre 2-7 strings Cresent shaped sound box Trigonon Triangular harp Around 20 strings Salpinx Trumpet-like Straight narrow bronze tube Has mouth piece Different shapes and sizes Water organ (Hydraulic organ) Pipe organ Energy of water into air pressure drives pipes
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