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Medical Terminology

Chapters 1-4

Diana D'Amelio

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Medical Terminology

What are the FOUR types of Word Parts? Word roots:
contains the basic meaning of the term (usually a body part)
An EXAMPLE is GASTR - a root word meaning stomach
Combining forms:
A word root with a combining vowel at the end
An EXAMPLE is Gastr"o"
Usually indicates LOCATION, TIME, NUMBER or STATUS This is a good OVERVIEW...... It's a little long but it says it well! Medical Terminology Boring Voice but Good Video Word Parts: Suffixes This stuff has to be memorized! Searching for Definitions on the Internet Rely on a good reputable site:
National Institute of Health: http://www.nih.gov Teacher: Diana D'Amelio
Cell is 203-644-7432 (text me)
Tuesday and Thursday
5:45 - 7:35
Break 6:30 - 6:45 Rules/suggestions:
1.) If you are going to be late....text me or let someone know.
2.) No texting during class...please put your phones away until break
3.) Class participation counts. You don't have to speak but please pay attention.
4.) Please do your homework, it will be checked in class.
5.) Please be respectful - don't speak while someone else is speaking.
6.) If you need to leave the classroom during class, please don't just walk out without a word. What is Medical Terminology
A foreign language To be thorough, visit at least TWO sites
If there is a difference go to a third site
Always double check that the word being defined is the word you are looking for! Word Roots May not always describe a body part, may describe COLOR See your book page 5:

cyan/o - BLUE
erythr/o - RED
leuk/o - WHITE
melan/o - BLACK
poli/o - GEAY Suffix may be NOUN ENDING Some suffixes change the root into a NOUN For example:
Crani (skull) is root
-um is noun ending
Together they form CRANIUM which is the portion of the skull that encloses the brain

Some common suffixes are listed in your book page 6 table 1.3 Suffixes Meaning " Pertaining To" Suffixes meaning PERTAINING TO change the word root into an AJECTICE For example:
Cardi - root word meaning heart
-ac - means pertaining to
Cardiac means - pertaining to the heart.
See examples in your book on page 6 table 1.4 Suffixes Meaning "Abnormal Condition" Some suffixes relate to abnormal conditions, you must see examples to understand this For example:
Path is a root word meaning disease
-ology is a suffix meaning the study of
Pathology means the study of disease
See your book on page 6, table 1.5 for examples The Double R Suffixes Suffixes beginning with RR can be confusing For example:
-rrhage and -rrhagia mean bleeding - HEMORRHAGE
-rrhaphy meanus surgical suturing
MYORRHAPY Prefixes Added at the beginning of a word to influence the meaning of the word Example:
Pre- means before
Natal - means birth
Prenatal means before birth
See list of prefixes in your book on page 8, Table 1.6 Contrasting Prefixes Some prefixes are confusing because they are similar in spelling but opposite in meaning Example:
Hypo - means deficient
Hypotension - low blood pressure
Hyper - means excessive or increased
Hypertension means high blood pressure
See your book page 9 table 1.7 for examples Prefixes Describing Direction, Quantitiy, Size and Amount These are important to memorize since they are used extemsively Examples are:
Ab - away from
Abduction mean moving away from the body
Ad - toward
Adduction means moving toward the body
See Table 1.6 on page 8 Taking Words Apart To determine the words meaning, you must take it apart Start with the suffix and work towards the beginning
Also, look at the context in which the work is mentioned since it may have more than one meaning
Use the medical dictionary if in doubt
Not all medical terms are made of word parts For Example:
ology - the study of
laryng - larynx or throat
rhin/o - nose
ot/o - ear
Meaning is the study of the ears, nose and throat often called ENT Guessing at Meanings Be careful - some works have more than one meaning For example:
Litho: stone
-otomy- surgical incision
so lithotomy means surgical incision for removal of a stone

It also is the position when the patient is lying on her back with the feet in stirrups

Use the medical dictionary if in doubt Using the Medical Dictionary traditional OR electronic Use the first letter to find the word
top left is first term on the page
top right is the last term on the page
Look alphabetically for the first two letter of
the word
Check the spelling CAREFULLY
When you find the term, read ALL the
definitions What if you don't know how to spell the word? try to spell the word
If you can't spell the word, try different letters with the same sound....see table 1.8 on page 11 Multiple-Word Terms Something like Congestive Heart Failure You may want to look under a later word, such as "heart failure, congestive".
Try different things
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