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Habitat for Humanity

No description

Allison Chen

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Habitat for Humanity

Secondary Research

Primary Research
: 25
: Male
Marital Status
: Single
: Master's of Arts
: 5th grade English teacher
: Rents an apartment in Cordova
Michael is a die-hard sports fan and never misses a Grizzlies game. He would love to be a part of an organization that focuses on all of the good Memphis has to offer.

On the weekends, Michael spends most of his free time at Fox & the Hound or on Beale Street hanging out with his fraternity brothers.

He moved to Memphis for college and after graduation, he accepted a job offer and is eager to meet other young professionals in the Mid-South.
Michael Green
Focus Groups
Primary Research
So...What's the HYP?
So What Did They Say?
Primary Research
Habitat for Humanity - Where Are We Now?
Age: 31
Marital Status
: Newly Married
: Bachelor's of Arts
: Store Manager at The Gap
Owns house in Midtown with husband
Megan works crazy hours on the weekends but wants to change careers and utilize her journalism degree.

She has lived in Memphis all of her life but she wants to expand her network to people other than coworkers and former classmates.

She spends a lot of time on social media and is an avid news consumer. She likes the idea of networking and meeting other young professionals but is unsure of where to start.

Megan Carmen
- 89 participants took the survey

- 60% response rate

How Did We Recruit?
Target Groups
Word of Mouth, Snowball Sample

Waiting Room Surveys
Advantages/Disadvantages of a YP group
Benefits of being a YP
Habitat for Humanity in the know
Communication tactics
"Tell me about your
group and tell me about
your plan. Sell it to me and how
I could use it in my life. How is it beneficial to me and how can I use this in the business world
as far as networking and
resume building?"
"Being able to meet new people and getting your name out there while gaining community leadership and becoming a leader in Memphis are beneficial parts of being a young professional for an organization like Habitat for Humanity."
"The organization should
advertise what young professionals
could do for them and what the
organization can do for the young
professionals. Opportunities and events
for developing personal growth,
networking, and resume building,
among other things, are crucial."
Sense of community & giving back
Professional networking
Personal project opportunities
What's the time commitment?
What is Habitat for Humanity?
How is Habitat for Humanity beneficial to me?
Young adults are looking to further their careers and network among other young professionals in the Memphis area.
Single women & men
Married women & men
Ages 21-30
Middle Class
Social, busy, friendly
Eager to build a large network
Likes idea of non-profits
Likes idea of joining a YP group
Loves social media, emails, etc
Likes idea of investing in city
Proposed Secondary Target
Key Messages
: Habitat for Humanity understands local hardships, cares about improving them, and aims to develop a group of well-rounded individuals who will invest in the welfare of Memphis.
Helping Hands
: Being a Memphis young professional, we need help on improving our community by your donation of time or money.
: By joining HYP, young professionals can develop community leadership by building houses, networking with other young professionals, and raising awareness for HFH and what it does for the community.
What Did We Ask?

Young & fresh
Professional & serious
Laid-back, yet structured

Universal benefits
Infinite opportunities

Who are young professionals?
Who is the competition?
87% rely heavily on
social media to obtain
everyday information.

53% said they would be
somewhat interested in attending
a social event.

55% said that allowing them to
participate in a major project for
the organization would drive
them to join.

Proposed Primary Target
Single women & men
Married women & men
Ages 31-44
Middle Class
Older professionals
Changing career paths
Legal, Retail/Sales, Non-profits
Looking to network with others
Interested in volunteering
Wants to be involved in a YP organization
Reach & engage 15% of the middle demographic (ages 21-44) by December 2015
Increase awareness for Habitat for Humanity by 25%
by December 2015
Create a stable foundation of 75 volunteers/young professionals by June 2016
The Communication Problem
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