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No description

cassidy laurin

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Me

Me! I have 2 sisters Ellie and Megan, 2 Dogs Mitsy and Goliath. Then there's my parents i have 4, Donna and Louis is my step mom and dad, Sabrina and Mike is my mom and my step dad. My name is Cassidy Laurin. My sister Ellie is 2 years old and Megan is 12. My parents got divorced in 2002 when I was 4 and Megan was 2. My dad stayed in Grimshaw and my mom moved to Fairview and we lived there while she went to collage then we moved to Grande Prairie. My dad remarried in 2007 to Donna, I moved there in 2008. My mom got pregnant with Ellie in 2009 and got married in 2010 after Ellie was born. This Spinecor brace is what I used to wear to fix my 38 degree bend in my back. But I found out that this brace did not work at all it just went from a 38 to a 60 and still getting worse every week.I wore that brace for 1 year and it did nothing for me. Now I have to go to the children's hospital to get my surgery. The surgery is 7 hours, atfter you are not aloud to move for a day or two you stay on your stomach then they try to roll you over on to your back and if you feel pain they pump a bunch of medication into you so you wont feel it. Then they try to sit you up and make you start walking right away because you have to recover by the end of the week. I am only there for a week if I'm fully recovered or not that's why i have to stay home for a month after. I'm getting it done in January or February i really hope I'm not in the hospital for my birthday! :.( I am also very excited to go to Marianas Trench in October I love listening to there music! After my mom went through collage we moved to Grande Prairie and i went to St.Clements i met some great friends that now go to this school! My favorite dance that i do is hip hop it is so fun! But after the surgery i probably will not be able to do dance anymore. These are were dance teachers. And that's all you need to know about me!! This was my old brace. I also have asthma and if i have to many asthma attacks my lung muscles will get very big and i wont be able to breath and will have to be put on oxygen for the rest of my life so this point in my life is a very scary time for me. It is called Polamary Lung disease. Weaknesses in computers:
I can not do research very well.
I lose my stuff a lot.
I can never fix a computer when broken. Strengths in computers:
I am good at video games kinda.
I like to text a lot.
I can type kinda good. Aside from my family I LOVE to dance and i love eating candy apples and pizza. I love to watch movies and play video games go for bike rides and just sit and listen to music. Or dance to music :) <3 I like swimming and laying snow or green grass. I love skidooing and quading, in the mud. Most of all i love being around my friends and family to just sit there and talk around the fire or in our garage if its cold. I love texting all the time!!!!

But a really sucky thing is that i have scolliosis my spin makes a big S. Interests in computers:
Games BYE
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