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No description

Jongo 7

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Pacman

Pacman is an iconic maze game. The aim of the game is to navigate Pacman, a pizza inspired yellow circle, around the maze to collect all of the dots, also known as pellets. You have to do this while avoiding the four coloured ghosts. There are four larger pellets scattered through the maze. These pellets allow Pacman to eat the ghosts for extra points. About Technical Codes Camera Shots Larger Pellet Camera Movement Lighting No camera movement
Camera is positioned in the same position.
Wide shot. Only one camera shot - wide shot.
See the whole maze at one time.
Camera angle - front on, no high or low shots. Stays the same
Bright on the pellets, ghosts, Pacman, maze walls
Lighting of the maze floor and surroundings is dark. Symbolic Codes Colour Objects Written Codes Ready/Game Over Score Title Audio Codes Music SFX Dialogue Upbeat and happy
Electronic feel
Opening music plays for four seconds Many sound effects used e.g:
The noise Pacman makes when he eats the pellets
The ghosts
The occasional fruit
When you obtain an extra life
When you die. No dialogue Narrative Characters Stereotypes Heroes/villains Appealing to the intended audience Target audience Pacman is yellow - easy to find against the black background
Associated with food.
Pacman's goal of the game is to eat all the pellets. Inky is unpredictable "PACMAN" The main character of the game. Clyde likes to wander off Pinky will take a roundabout path Blinky will usually take the shortest route Ghosts: Blinky - the red ghost.
Biggest threat to Pacman.
Red symbolizes war, danger,
power and determination.

Pinky - the pink ghost.
Follows you indirectly
Mixture of red and white
Red - determination and danger
White - innocence and calm Colour Cherries and other fruit
symbolize food
brightly coloured to show that they are valuable. Inky - the blue ghost.
Blue - calmness and dependability
Behave unlike his colour symbolizes

1. Eat all of the pellets without dying
2. 255 playable levels
3. level 256 - glitch and is unplayable (end of the game) Hero - Pacman.
Villain - ghosts Ghosts - scary, the villains
Colours of the ghosts and Pacman are also stereotypical. Use of colour
Concept of a maze
Characters All audiences Conventions Clyde - the orange ghost.
Wanders off
Least of a threat
Orange can have positive and negative reactions
Orange - cheerfulness, warmth and ambition
Orange - danger and warning
Orange - the colour of warning or caution
Colours don't reflect his personality.
Main reason why they are brightly coloured: to attract a female audience. Marketing Strategies Google Pacman May 22nd 2010 - Google featured a working Pacman game
1st to be interactive and have audio
504,703,000 unique users that day
4,819,352 hours spent playing
$120,483,800 lost Violence related to computer games People, over time do become more aggressive because of violent video games
Young children especially.
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