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Individual Presentation: The SmartWatch

NSU (HSBE) ECN 5050: Economic Thinking

Willene Suen

on 28 March 2015

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Transcript of Individual Presentation: The SmartWatch

Individual Presentation:
The SmartWatch

ECN 5050 -Economic Thinking
by Huiying Sun (Willene)
Flash Back
Current View
Elasticity of Supply & Demand
Future Look
Definition: What is a SmartWatch?
A smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch with three characteristics:

Worn on the wrist
Able to indicate time
Able to wirelessly connect to the Internet
Functions of the SmartWatch often include:
Making and receiving calls and messages
Ability to run mobile applications
Fitness trackers
“Accessory” or “companion” smartwatches
"Standalone" smartwatches
Flash Back
Current View
In 2013,
40 companies
3,1 million units with average price at $225.
Generating a market volume of $ 700 mil.

In 2014,
89 companies from 18 countries
6.8 million units at an average price of $189
The market volume reached $ 1.291 bil.

Current View
Future Look
SmartWatch Global Sales 2010-2020
Thank you !
Elasticity of Supply & Demand
The degree to which a demand or supply curve reacts to a change in price is the curve's elasticity.
There are three levels of demand elasticity:
Unit elastic
Highly elastic products
Readily available in the market
May not necessarily need them in daily life.
Inelastic products
More of a necessity to the consumer in his or her daily life.
Elasticity of Supply & Demand
Factors Affecting Demand Elasticity
The availability of substitutes - positive
Amount of income available to spend on the good - less income, more elastic
Time - most likely positive
Factors that influence the elasticity of supply

Space capacity - positive
Stocks - positive
The ability to use other resource inputs - positive
The amount of time available to respond to a price change - positive
Elasticity of Supply & Demand
Nova Southeastern University
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