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Hero's Journey: The Maze Runner

No description

mesk nafea

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Journey: The Maze Runner

Refusal of the Return:

Thomas realizes how well maintained his peers are and how organized the Glade really is. He wonders if going into the maze is the right thing, since it is a great risk and a big responsibility.
Hero's Journey: The Maze Runner (Thomas)
Phase 1 (Separation):
Thomas finds himself stuck in an elevator and doesn't remember anything.
Leaving the Ordinary World
"I just...... feel like I need to save everyone. To redeem myself."
Crossing back into the Ordinary World:

"Such a display of death- how could it be considered a victory?"

Thomas and the remaining Gladers are led into a downpour where they find a bus awaiting them.

Call to Adventure:
Thomas gets pulled out of the elevator and arrives at the Glade.
Third Threshold:

The Gladers that are left make it through the maze, solve the code, and are led into an underground chamber
Wrap- Up:

Thomas learns that the Glade was only a test to see who is courageous and patient enough to survive. The next mission would be to cure the Flare, an extremely painful disease in the brain.
Meeting Shadow Self:

The Grievers, whom are monsters that attack Gladers in the maze.
Meeting the mentor:
Alby, the leader of the Gladers, the most experienced, and has been in the Glade the longest.
Alby is late and is having a hard time getting out of the maze. Thomas tries to pull Alby , but instead he gets stuck with him.
Road of Trials:
The Ordinary
The First Threshold:
Thomas is tired of not knowing who he is or where he belongs.
The Special World
Ordeal :

Thomas gets stung by a Griever. He is in pain as his memory returns.
The Second Threshold:
Thomas is finally relieved from all the confusion that he was feeling for not knowing his past.
Black Moment:

Thomas decides to lead the Gladers into the maze. The Grievers attack them, and almost half of the Gladers, including Alby, get killed.
Gally throws a knife at Thomas, with an intention to kill him. Chuck, Thomas' best friend, protects Thomas and gets himself stabbed and killed instead.
The Fourth Threshold:
Thomas and all the Gladers that survived lose their memory of when they were in the Glade and start a new life.
" He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air."
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