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Abbie Stoltey

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Guadalajara

The base is located in Chapala, Jalisco.
The YWAM Base

The DTS (discipleship training school) YWAM Mexico, Gudalajara

The DTS is a 6 month training school to send youth out to serve Christ. Their are 3 months of a lecture phase then a 3 month practice phase. We learn character and how to hear the voice of God.
This DTS we when to Colombia & Venezuela. As a team we taught and served the people.

Abbie - The high light of this out reach was how we change lives. Their was an Lady who had been bedridden for 14 yrs. She was living in a dark room with no lighting and no one to help her during the day. The room smelled of urine and other smells. We where able to buy her a new bed, clean her house and give her a bath. Then a family near by continued to visit and assist her. When we returned to check on her a month later her living conditions where much better.
Personally I been blessed to see God move in many ways in this school.I've grown allot in my faith and extremely grateful to all those who supported me and prayed for change and safety.
Christian - I began this DTS with the many concepts of the world but not as God sees the world. Thought this DTS I have changed allot about how I see the world and how God. I thought that God work and move in big ways but no with me. He taught me through out experience that he can move and provide for me in any situation. And not lean on my own understanding.
The biggest impact that God made on me was His provision. For my ticket for the out reach an anonymous person paid my ticket in full. The next struggle was that I was $1,000 short to go on out reach and we only had three hours before we where going to leave. So naturally I thought that i was no going. But within 1 1/2 hrs. God provide all the the money!!!!! This is just one of the many stories. That helped me grow in faith.
Now my dream is to serve and shine a light to all of the society and culture where ever I am.

Now its time to start again with the school of the bible!!! I'm so excited to see what God has. This school is a school is an intense study of the bible which we go thought the whole bible and then take our knowledge out to be a service. We teach whats called the YWAM belt school. Witch takes the bible to the world in a simple but profound way.
Please join us on our journey we are asking for prayer if their are any questions or you would like to donate to this cause. please contact us at Abbie- Rodeogirl9871@yahoo.com Cristian- Salas.christian1@Gmail.com Bod Bless

Abbie & Christian
Mission Trip
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