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Nutrition Summary

Goals and Ambitions of a growing athlete

Ashley Taylor

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Nutrition Summary

Nutrition Summary Ashley Taylor I am I DO I CAN I KNOW I am Ashley Taylor. There is nothing I enjoy more
than being healthy and active. I am currently on a Gluten free diet. I am passionate about nutrition and love to learn more about what it can do for me. Run
Dream... I AM in love with Berries... Salmon... VEGETABLES... Hydrating I do enjoy to workout. I do love to live a healthy lifestyle I do dedicate my
time to improving
myself in anyway. I do think anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I do not like avocados, but I eat them anyways because they are healthy for you I do make smoothies that consist of Berries, Hemp Hearts, Rice Protein, Spinach and Almond Milk. I do have fears but look past them to achieve my goals. I do not like Kale,
but I eat it like it is
running out of
style. I can use my knowledge to help myself and
my training. I can make amazing dishes filled with tons of nutrients. I can make a mean Quinoa Salad.. I can make gluten Free/dairy free Almond Muffins

And they taste GOOD! I can be an athlete like Lolo. I know Nutrition is very important. It is the most important aspect along with exercise for my body's health.
I know my training and performances is reflected by what I eat. Not only do I know nutrition is important, I know rest is also an important factor in your health.
I know I need to get more sleep.
I know sleep will help with my training and the overall quality of my health. London Olympics 2012 1st 2nd 3rd I WISH I wish I can remain healthy the rest of my life. I wish I can remain these healthy eating habits in University.

I wish my children will not have any health problems.

I wish the best for my families future. I wish everybody around the world can have access to nutritious food. I wish all children around the work can grow up in a safe place with 3 full meals a day. I wish all parents raising their children can provide their children with knowledge in health and active living. I wish I could be the female version of Usain Bolt.
I wish I had an endless supply of Jamaican Yams. I wish I had Usain Bolts Chef making me food. I wish I could have a smoothie chef too...
and make me smoothies whenever I wish.

I wish I could open a healthy smoothie shop when I am older.

I wish I could continue to get/make beast smoothies in University. I WILL I will get a degree in nutrition when I go to school.
I will provide my children healthy food everyday.
I will not let my kids have junk food as an "everyday food".
I will provide them with nutritious meals ALWAYS. I know that yams are an excellent source of carbohydrates, energy, vitamins and potassium.
Also delicious and nutritious. Best of both worlds.
I know I love sweet potato fries more than french fries.
I know that they are my weakness! I will take the knowledge I know and learn in exercise science to pass it on to

CHANGE THE WORLD! I know I can still learn more! I will pay it forward :) The End
No, it is just the beginning...
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