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What is Ethical Understanding?

No description

Angela GU

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of What is Ethical Understanding?

Ethical Understanding

Dictionary Definition
The dictionary meaning of ethical understanding is pertaining to right and wrong in conduct.
How does this capability benefits you?
The capability able you to see the rationality and productiveness as high values in your life, when takeing the pride in improving yourself, your behavior and work. This is probably the most important determinant for high achievement at work and community, by performing your work honestly, fairly, and with integrity.
Example 1
Example one - Losing a USB or Metro card

- A well ethical developed person will return to either leave it there and hope someone will come back for it or return it to somewhere they potentially may go looking for it (e.g lost property)

- A unethical person is more likely to keep, take it and not return or hand up the lost/ misplaced item.
What is Ethical Understanding?
- Contribute and belong to a community, whether in a major or minor scale.

- Commonly known for pertaining to or dealing with the principles of morality or morals.

- Learning to respect and care about each other

- Becoming a ‘confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens’.
Example 2
Example Two - Working in a small group

- A well ethical developed person will take into consideration of the idea and opinion of others. During a dispute, a well ethical person will stop and listen to their views and reasons and is able to understanding that both them is working towards in making a better final product

- A unethical person is more likely to be more self-centered, leaving the other group member has no say in matter. Also, a unethical person will mostly sit back and relax although still taking the credits that they have never participated in.
Example 3
Example Three - Understanding and respecting others religion and beliefs.

- A well ethical developed person will understand and respect, as knowing someone’s religion could restrict certain ways they live there life to what others do and that is OK

- A unethical person will physically and verbally judge them by look at them differently, telling them that their religion and beliefs are incorrect and calling them names, etc. Showing internationalism and international mindedness
Thank you for watching
By Angela & Georgia
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