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CWU Spring Closing 2013

Closing Presentation for Floor Meetings and Website

John Mounsey

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of CWU Spring Closing 2013

June 8th at 12 noon 8 Tips for a Easy & Successful Checkout PLAN AHEAD:
Take some of your things home Memorial Day.
Sign up for a checkout time. Tip #1 Each roommate needs to sign up for a check out time. You must check out within 24 hours of your last final or by noon Saturday June 8th (whichever comes first)
You need to sign up for a check out time at least 48 hours in advance. www.cwu.edu/housing
You will be assessed a minimum charge of $35 if you don’t sign up, sign up late, or leave without checking out of your room. Do yourself a favor, plan ahead, and sign up for a checkout time. COMMUNICATION:
Making things go smoother. Tip #2 Review the checklist with your roommate(s). Determine who will be responsible for each item. Everything on the closing checklist should be complete prior to the first roommate checking out.
Report any maintenance concerns to facilities either by phone (x3000) or via the maintenance link on Wildcat Connections.
Arrange your move-out crew arrival time appropriately. ARRANGE THE FURNITURE:
It should look like Move-In day again. Tip #3 All your furniture needs to be moved back like it was when you moved in. Ahhh, remember Move-In Day?
You will be charged any number of fees for not putting your furniture back. Save yourself some time and money by putting things in order.
The furniture identification number on the back/bottom should correspond with your room number. It is important that you have the correct furniture in your room. DEFROST & CLEAN FRIDGE/APPLIANCES:
Keeping it clean for the next person. Tip #4 The microwaves, fridges and stoves can get pretty gross. Be sure you’ve cleaned up any mess you made in your unit.
Unplug your refrigerator at least a day before so the ice can melt away. Afterwards, completely dry out all the internal surfaces.
Fully clean the insides of the microwave and fridge. There should be absolutely no caked on food or splatters. You may need to use cleaning solution.
Clean the outside casing of all appliances.
Open all the doors and drape the cord over the front of the unit so the cord keeps the doors open. This prevents the unit from mildewing over the summer.
Don’t forget to lift the stovetop to clean under the burners. FULLY CLEAN THE ROOM:
Someone else will be using your stuff soon. Tip #5 Your room was fully cleaned when you moved in, and it took the help of last year’s students to make it happen. You will need to help out our custodial staff by fully cleaning your room before you leave.
You will need to vacuum or wet-mop (whichever is appropriate) the entire floor including under closets and beds. Items like mops and vacuums are in short supply. Plan ahead and clean early. Items are available during staff office hours.
You will need to clean all the surfaces in your room, including the furniture, window ledges, wardrobe shelves, and even the insides of drawers. You will need to use cleaning supplies (a wet paper towel won’t cut it). REMOVE ALL BELONGINGS:
Let’s load up the family station wagon. Tip #6 Before you meet with your RA to checkout, be sure that all your personal belongings are out of your room.
The RA will not begin your check out if items are still in the room, and your check out time will be pushed backed. You may then be assessed an improper check out fee in addition to any damage or cleaning fees.
Place all trash in the dumpsters.
Don’t forget your bike.
Did you get your mail? Is it forwarded? Change your address in SAFARI and with the Post Office CHECK OUT ON TIME:
Help everyone out and avoid late fees. Tip #7 Be sure that you are on time for your scheduled checkout. This means you will need to start packing up everything several days in advance.
Make sure your ride arrives early enough to pack your stuff away so the room is empty and ready for review.
There will not be any excuses for not being ready on time, including cleaning. Items like vacuums and wet-mops will be in short supply, so be sure to start your cleaning early.
Any checkout appointment starting late will be automatically assessed a fee of $35.00 plus any related charges.
Do not forget to have your keys in hand for checkout. A missing key is another $35 recore fee. OUT WITHIN 24 HOURS:
We love you, but it’ll be time to go home. Tip #8 You have to checkout within 24 hours of your last final. While we’re glad you’re here, you need to leave if you don’t have any finals left. Everyone else remaining needs to study in peace.
Schedules can be referenced to see when your last final was supposed to be. If your behavior begins to be disruptive and you are past your 24 hours, you will be immediately removed from campus.
Be sure that your final days and hours in the halls are productive, positive, and fun. You don’t want your last memory to be a negative one. Finals Week
Quiet Hours Please be respectful of those around you as they are trying to study.

Do your part to keep the hallways and lounges quiet 24 Hour - Quiet Hours
Friday, May 31 at 10:00 PM
Saturday, June 8 at 12:00 PM Each room will receive the following Closing Checklist Don't forget to sign out! Don't Waste Donate... Instead of throwing away your lamp, sofa, dishes, and other reusable items; donate them to the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement's "Don't Waste Donate" rummage sale. All proceeds will assist in supporting ongoing service projects coordinated through the CECE. Check the flyers for your local pick-up schedule. Thanks for a great year and good luck on finals How do I sign up? Each residence hall's system is a little different
Our residence halls will utilize an online scheduling system which can be located at www.cwu.edu/housing under closing
Detailed instructions for the online scheduling system are also available in that same location
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