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The American President Election

How to become President in the U.S.A. ? The run for President

azeaze azeaze

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of The American President Election

Each party (democratics, republicans, libertarians, constitutionals...) must choose one representative in each state of the USA, by presidential primary elections and caucuses. State Primaries The different political parties select the party's candidate for President, and they adopt their platform during meetings. National Conventions The candidates do everything they can to get votes through the USA: meetings, slogan, interviews, speech in different states with the help of their party, ... The two candidate's campaigns In each state, citizens vote with ballots for who the candidate they prefer, who has keep their attention. This vote is indirect, it serves to know where Republicans or Democrats win electoral votes. Election day Electoral College votes determine who wins the presidential elections (each state has a number of electors depending on its districts, and then the population). The candidate who has the highest number of votes wins all the electors of the state. The candidate who reaches the majority of 270 electors will become the new president for a four years term. Electoral College Votes The President elect is sworn in and he officially becomes the next President of the USA. Inauguration day THE RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN THE U.S.A. by Hugues Micheler and Thomas Gay From January to June In August and September From September to October On the first Tuesday of November In December The 20Th of January
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