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No description

Jong-geon Choi

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of 소개서

Quality Control team
출하되기 전, 목적한 품질을 확보되도록 관리하는 업무

The Quality control team assures that everything from raw materials to finished products meet all applicable quality and safety standards, as specified in the purchasing documentation or quality requirements.
Quality Assurance
당사의 제품과 서비스 활동이 고객의 니즈에 만족하도록 관리하는 업무

The quality assurance team consistently works to enhance the existing quality of products and services by optimizing current production processes and introducing new processes in order to meet customers’ needs and satisfaction
Quality Planing and innovation
제품과 업무의 품질이 목적한 성과에 도달하기 위한 시스템의 혁신
The QPI (Quality planning and innovation) team works to control and enhance the WONIK QMS (Quality Management System) including continuous improvement of the way we work through system audits, training and cross divisional cooperation throughout the WONIK organization.
Wonik QnC

품질경영본부 소개
Quality Management Divison
품질경영부 조직
품질 경영본부에는 제품 및 회사 업무의 품질을 향상하기 위한 품질관리 및 시스템 개선에 관련된 업무를 총괄하며 경영자의 스태프 기능을 한다.

The Quality management division controls and supervises overall company quality related tasks to improve and maintain a high level of quality and high performing products and services that meet and/or exceed our customers’ expectations.
Process and Procedure control(QMS)
Quality Planning & innovation
System Audit (Global 포함)
Other – 강소기업 추진사무국
Global integration
제안 사무국
Gage R&R
Non conformity control
CS (고객 만족)
Copy exact
SOP control & 공정 Audit
QMS 소개
E-QMS 운영
Quality Data Management System
1. QDMS 운용 및 정기 품질

The operation of QDMS
(Quality Data management
System) and periodical quality
1) Daily Report
2) Weekly Report
3) Monthly Report

주요 품질 활동 (1) Quality activities
주요 품질 시스템
Major Quality procedure

의 쉬운 접근성 ! 빠른 upload을 위한
(For Easy approach to QMS ! For quick upload )
공정 품질
의 일일 관리, 누적관리 및 다양한 분석을 위한
(For daily and accumulative quality analysis and control)
3. One point lesson

고객 불만 처리 절차
Recall 처리 절차
부적합(nonconformity) 처리 절차
검사(inspecton) 절차
주요 검사장비 소개
inspection equipment

Thank you
실패와 경험을 공유하고자 부서내부의 Study 활동

Internal activities to share the experience of success and failure
Training through free-discussion on work-related knowledge or information

2. 주간 품질 trend feed back

Weekly quality trend feed back
검사자들은 본인이 검사한 제품에 대해 주간단위 trend를 분석하여 생산 담당자에게 feedback하여 사전 품질 활동을 전개

Inspectors are required to feedback weekly quality trends to production team for APQP(Advanced Production Quality Planning) activities.
팀 별, 공정 별 검사현황, 불량 내용 분석, 고객 claim, 시정조치 현황, rolling 6 weeks 불량, worst Top 5, Top10 등 관리
Inspection reports by Process and Item, analysis of non-conformities, and claims as well as the status of correction for quality issue, a rolling 6 week quality trend, the worst Top5 incidents , Top 10 and so on
통합 품질시스템 (United Quality management System)
원익QnC 통합 품질 경영 시스템은 단일 품질경영시스템 하에 각 사업장의 품질관리 및 품질 보증 업무가 효율적으로 운영되고 최고 경영자의 기업혁신의지에 따라 전사 혁신 project가 일사 분란하게 추진되도록 구성되었다.

WONIK QnC's United Quality management system is organized to maintain and enhance effective quality control and quality assurance from each operational division under the unified QMS. Moving forward we will maintain a well-ordered company-wide innovation project, supported and directed by WONIK top management’, through their commitment to quality innovation.

주요 품질 활동 (2) Quality activities
6. Risk Radar 활동
반복 품질사고에 대한 RCCA report 를 전사적으로 전파, 유사 잠재 품질사고를 미연에 방지목적. Risk radar 에 등록되는 품질 문제는 시스템개선 및 내부감사를 통해 지속적인 추적관리

Enroll the RCCAs for the repeated quality issues to the RISK Radar to share with all relevant people, even to other operational divisions such as Ceramics and Cleaning Divisions to prevent similar or potential quality issues through preliminary checks on the system. The issues in the Risk radar will be monitored consistently through internal audit.
5. DQR 활동
(Daily Quality review)
최종 검사 reject 제품에 대해 생산-품질 관련자가 모여
원인조사를 하고 재발되지 않도록 조치를 취함은 물론 개선 idea에 대한 논의를 실시함

All relevant stakeholders from both production and quality teams get together every day to review daily non-conformities for quick implementation of RCCA and product disposition in a timely manner
공정 SPC 활동 - 공정 특성에 따라 Real time SPC 또는 주간단위 누적 DATA에 대한 공정능력 Review

In-process SPC Activities - in some cases Real time SPC is used by process characteristic
in most cases, quality trend or process capability are reviewed on a weekly basis
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