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Girl in Translation

No description

Sergo Haile

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Girl in Translation

Girl in Translation
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11 year old Kimberly (or her chinese name,
-Kim) Chang and her mother had had a good life living in Hong Kong. Ah-Kim was the top student in her class. She got good grades and had great friends. But when her mom and her move to America, with the little English and many debts that needed to be paid, they struggle to get along. They arrive in New York in hopes for a better life, but instead find a grimy apartment lacking heat and real furniture, and a life of backbreaking labor in a Chinatown sweatshop. As Ah-Kim (or now Kimberly) uses her `talent for school` to help herself and her mother leave and try to stay away from this life that they have stumbled upon, she also has a secret life after the school bell goes that none of her friends know about. She works every weekday after school at the factory with her mom to help pay of their debts. For all of her adult expectations and pressures, she is still just a girl. She has so many obstacles in her life that she needs to challenge, including her first love. As she has worked so hard for the great future that she deserves, it might be threatened by her feelings for the sweet boy in the factory who also has some troubles of his own. "Written in an unforgettable voice that dramatizes all the tensions of a girl growing up between two worlds."
Q. Describe the setting. Why is it important?
Girl in Translation
By: Jean Kwok
Something that reminds me of this book is my own parents and how they had first came to Canada from Africa. My mom came her when she was 13 and lived with her older brother. She had to learn English and how to manage in Canada with the little English she knew. My dad also came at a somewhat young age too. He came when he was around 18-24 years old. My parents had to leave behind what they knew and start off fresh with a new culture and new country. Just like Kimberly Chang.
List of all the main characters:
Kimberly Chang (or
Her mother (Do not know her name, just that Kimberly calls her
Annette (Kimberly's first and best friend that she made in America.)
Matt ( The boy Kimberly meets at the factory and soon develops feelings for)
Aunt Paula (Kimberly's aunt a.k.a, Ma's older sister)
And Uncle Bob(Aunt Paula's husband and owner of many clothing factories)
Q. What type of conflict is in this book?
I think it is internal and external because Kimberly is also having to deal with the mean kids at her new school, and the struggles of having to help her mother at the factory. Also, external because she has to deal with her Aunt Paula's rude and snarky comments on how her son is better at Kimberly in school, even though he knows way more English than Kimberly.
Q. Who is involved in the conflict?
Internal=Kimberly. External=Kimberly,students in her grade making fun of her, Aunt Paula, and her Ma.
Q. How was the conflict resolved?
The conflict was resolved because Kimberly started to get better at school once again and her English was getting better. Plus, she has been working harder and faster at the factory so she could show her Aunt Paula that she was capable of doing all these things(and also to make more money to afford something for her and her mother).
This book took place in:
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Her uncle Bob's clothing factory
Harrison Prep(her private school)
Her appalling apartment
This setting is important because this whole book is based on Kimberly and her mother moving to America to find a better life. But, instead find themselves working in her Uncle Bob's factory paying their debts.
Kimberly has been described as just a young chinese girl. She has short and badly cut hair that makes her look like a boy. She has pieces of cloth badly sewn together just to wear as clothing(since her family is to poor to buy some proper pieces of clothing. Her mother had had Tuberculosis and at one time very sick. But Aunt Paula and Uncle Bob had paid for her treatment. And that's part of the debt that she owes to them.
Words to describe Kimberly as a person are: Hardworking, determined, sympathetic, uncontainable, brave, and many more wonderful things.

Appalling= Awful; terrible
The Three Excerpts
Kimberly and her Ma arrive in America and get settled in. Kimberly goes to school and realizes that everything in America is way different then in Hong Kong. She meets her friend Annette and starts working at the factory. Se meets Matt and continues her routine every weekday. Wake up. Go to school. Go to factory. Homework. Then sleep(also adding in the meals).She starts to not like school anymore and starts to skip. But after realizing she needs the education, she goes back. Her relationship with Aunt Paula is still pretty bad. She also has to deal wit a horrible teacher who thinks that everything Kimberly does is a one way ticket to getting in trouble with the principle.

Kimberly's relationships with her friends have grown stronger by now. She has come to be really good friends with Matt and even greater friends with Annette. But, her apartment still doesn't have that many decent pieces of furniture. Plus, there is no heat. Her Ma still thinks that Aunt Paula is the most caring and loving thing on the face of the earth. But Kimberly can see right through her disguise and see that she is really a ruthless, mean, and stone-hearted person. It's also pretty clear that she doesn't really mind if Kimberly and her mom were to stay in that house the rest of their lives and work for her.
Something else that this book reminds me of is that when I was younger, I used to take ballet lessons. And these girls would always be so mean to me and exclude me from their "group". Sort of how the kids at Kimberly's new middle school were being mean to her.
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