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Step Brothers

No description

Emily Carr

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Step Brothers

Communication between Children NonVerbal Communication Comminication between Adults -Young girls display their emotions
and communicate with each other
through role playing and they have
rules that everyone playing the game
are expected to follow. Young boys display their feelings and communicate through rough play. Ex: Playing House or School Ex: sword fights,
war, soldiers and
indians. In general, children
cry, fight, and pout
because they don't
know how to effectively
put their emotions into
words. Males are taught that
they should not show
any emotions besides anger. Women are told that
they are allowed to show
emotions. They should be
caring and supportive but not
show anger, jealousy, or be
competitive. Males communicate through
favors and activities rather
than discussing their feelings. Women communicate through
words. They meet to have lunch
or coffee to discuss how they
have been feeling. -Kinesics: Any body
position or body motions. -Artifacts: Objects that show
who you are as a person. Ex: Brennans Sword
Dales night vision goggles.
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