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sage shepard

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of UNMARKED WOMEN

Discussion Question #1
What is the effect of Tannen's turning to "biological explanations of gender differences in languages"(para.24)? Does this discussion support or challenge her thesis about marked women?
She gives a scientific viewpoint that clearly defends that due to the chromosome pairing, men should metaphorically be the marked ones. By saying that men are meant to naturally be the marked species, it elucidates the readers that society is especially unfair to women.
Discussion Question #2
In the last paragraph, Tannen argues that women should have the "freedom to be unmarked." What does she mean by this? Do you think an unmarked women is possible in our culture today?
By saying "women should have to freedom to be unmarked" she means that women should not have to undergo the suppression of judgement for who they are. Being an unmarked women in society is more than possible -- especially since gender inequality has mitigated substantially -- but in today's day and age, being marked allows some people to stand out in their own, unique way.
The video portrays a paradigm of women being judged based off their appearance. The audience and judges painted a picture in their head of what they expected due to her aesthetic look instead of her vocal abilities -- even though she explicitly said she trained as a professional singer.
Discussion Question #3
Tannen wrote the essay in 1993. Is it outdated, or is it even more relevant today?
Answer #3 ;)
Compared to the last couple decades, this essay is not as effective due to the fact that women have gained much more equality and respect in society, especially in democratic countries. In other parts of the world, such as the Middle East, women are hindered from reaching their apogees in life and lack basic civil and human rights due to their gender. Ultimately, depending on the country and the person, this question can have a litany of varied answers, but we believe a majority of her argument is not prevalent in our society today.
Activity Question #1
Do you agree or disagree
that gender inequality
is a problem in our country and or globally?
Activity Question #2
Do you believe that feminists fight for equality in society or superiority?
Activity Question #3

Do you agree or disagree that
feminists are propagandists?
Activity Question #4
Do you agree or disagree
that Professor Sommer's
argument debunks Tannen's? prepare to elaborate!!!!
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